The entertainment of the masses of the planet WEE (Wobbling Evil Earthlings) Chapter One: RABC vs. Georgie

Gimmy, the head of RABC (Relocated American Broadcasting Company), was glancing through the shows that his network could put on the airwaves of WEE.

Gimmy, along with several other way-too-obese-people-who-kept-suing-fast-food-chains, was moved to the planet WEE when he sued McDonald's for the 87th time in 16 months.

The only promising show on the fall line up was "Acquaintances", the third "Friends" spin-off that RABC had tried to come up with. Since their only other competition was UPN and WB, neither of which existed on earth anymore, Gimmy wasn't too worried about his profits.

Of course, Gimmy should have been worried. But he wasn't going to know what had hit him until it was too late. Because, at just that moment, on the planet Gimmy used to call home, a life-changing decision was being made...

"We should BOMB THEM!!" The newly-elected President of the United States, George Bush VI, exclaimed to a dwindling UN.

Winston Churchill Jennings, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, just shook his head. "We can't. There's no way that we can transport anything humane enough over that great a distance."

"Just throw an H-Bomb or two at them!" George ranted, waving his hands in the air for emphasis.

"An H-Bomb?!" The NASA scientist next to him said, bewildered. "What are you on?!"

The primer of France muttered something to his translator. The really cool headsets had gone the way of every other nation- destroyed in nuclear warfare with distant planets.

(If you're asking how France survived, the running hypothesis is that when the bomb hit, their spineless bodies just bent and then they went back to what they had been doing).

"We could just hurl their planet towards their sun." The translator said.

Jennings shook his head, again. He had been doing that a lot lately. "Not humane."

The three "world" leaders were silent. They were never going to compromise at this point.

But, George already knew what he was doing. He had told Congress what he wanted done, and they were in the process of granting approval.