A loud bang emitted from her room. Her father, a large, muscular man, came thundering into her room. She screamed. Screamed for anyone to help her, save her, do something for her. Anything. Her father forced her onto her bed and stripped her of clothing. It was another night to him. Another nightmare for her, but it was real. He came and left her in a puddle of blood and cum. She hated it. She hated him. He had raped her, beaten her, forced her, done everything to her that was inhumane and yet she still lived with him. She was disgusted of herself because of this choice she had made, but she had to live with him. He was all she had left really. The only family she had anyway.

"No, Daddy! NO!" Kim yelled backing into the corner. He had a belt in his hand. A spiked, leather belt. This belt always instilled fear in her.

"Tonight is a special night," he said bringing the belt down on her. It hit her face mainly. Screams came from her mouth and tears poured from her eyes. Gashes and cuts were forming on her face. Blood was pouring profusely from them.

"Please, stop, please!" she begged. He picked her up by her shirt and threw her across the room with ease.

"STAND UP!" he yelled at her. She stood up shakily. He forced her on the bed again. "It's going to be a long night tonight, slut." He stripped the clothes off of Kim and tied her to the bed. He went downstairs and came back with a chain. She whimpered softly as soon as she saw the chain. A sick, twisted smile appeared on his face and then he brought the chain down on his daughter. Her screams of pain made him hard. More blood left her body and more tears came. He laughed at her screams and tears and blood. There would be more to come.

"No more…please, no more," Kim begged. He unbuckled his pants and pulled them down then climbed on top of her. She cried while he thrusted into her and moaned while she sobbed. He came and pulled away. He untied her and slapped her till she quit crying. Kim curled up in a ball and cried herself to sleep like she had many nights. She hated her father and her mother even more for leaving this world with him to be alone with.

Kim begged night after night to die. She knew her death would come one day. Either her father would kill her or she would kill herself. He stormed into her bedroom again with a beer bottle in hand. Kim began to cry, but stopped and began to whimper when the bottle collided with the side of her face. It broke, cutting her face badly. He took of his belt.

"TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT!" he yelled at her. She did as she was told. He began to beat the belt against her back repeatedly. He stopped and knelt down at her ear. "Tell me you love me, Kimberly." His breath smelled strongly of beer and he moaned hearing her name. "Oh…I love your name."

"No. I hate you," Kim whispered. His fist struck her head and once again he raped her. Raped her worse than ever before. Loving it more than usual.

"Tonight is good bye, Kimberly," he whispered after getting dressed again. She began to cry as her father walked down to his room. He returned with a shot gun.

"NO, DADDY! NO!" she screamed. He pulled the trigger and the bullet entered her skull. Her brains and blood splattered against the wall as she fell into a heap. He stared at what he had done and blew his own brains out. Together they died. Together they hated. Together they lived.