I wait for it to come.

Waves of inspiration

The only drugs for my insanity.

Star spangled banner

Dancing uselessly to the wind.

They've never been here.


Miles and miles of wasteland.

Stagnant gray river with no name,

Clumps of dead feathers

Pigeons that couldn't get out of the way.

Chemicals eating away at my hands.


Miles and miles

With no human contact.

Just crowds, pressing in.

No room for your claustrophobicness.

Cold hard beauty

This is.

Realities that will never be realized.

All we could do was pretend.

Pairs after pairs of lifeless eyes.

This dreariness is almost mesmerizing.

Ear jabbing chatters

Drown out the rest of my thought,

Accompanied by the

Screeches of cars that just don't care.

You've never been here.