A/N: Based on a true event. I had lived in London, ON with my extended family for about half a year, and bonded quite closely with their two kids, ages 2 and just a year. Then I moved back to Toronto, and once I went back to visit them, the just-turned 3-year old was quite shy around me. He didn't remember me - and this is how I felt about seeing them again. Enjoy!!

Tuned In to Memories

Playing the 'Tarzan Song, images of me spinning you around the kitchen and echoes of your laughter engulf me.

Looking at the three of you everyday,I miss you all the more. I love you guys so much - Yet when I get to visit you - You're shy for a long time.

I don't blame you -I was there for so long, then I went away -to my faraway home.

I left you wondering why.Why wasn't I coming to stay with you? Where did I go?...All these questions inside you're little mind.

A hug from you - and I never want to let you go. A fun day with games, cars, walks, and pictures.
Knowing that all to soon, I'll have to leave you again....

Crying inside as I ride in the car - Back to my faraway home Away from you.
Crying cause I miss you so much...