Chapter ONE

A soul. A wandering Soul. A heart, broken. And Shattered. Lost, alone and a freak! Walking alone in the alleyway she thinks,

"No one really cares for me…..not anymore."

She's a fifteen or sixteen year old girl, wearing a black T-shirt and black leather pants. She is isolated in the darkness, still walking in a smooth pace. She's also wearing dark sunglasses, hiding her eyes from everyone. Hiding in the depths of her eyes are deep, dark secrets and a terrible past. A past that still haunts her in her sleep.

Wherever she goes, the past always finds her. And she can never get rid of that feeling of pain. Also, she can't ever rid it from her mind. Her hands are covered in Midnight Black, leather gloves. Ones that hides her Dark Powers. She thinks it as a curse. Yes, she was one of those 'Mutant Freaks' most

everyone feared. She may've looked human, but the power she had made her a true mutant.

She was forced to run away from her hometown. And it all happened when her mother died and her father found out about her powers.

Chapter One: END

A/N: So here's chapter one of My Dark Life As A Mutant ! I know the first chapter's ending probably wasn't that good, ne? My apologies. Well anyways hope you enjoyed it though. In the next chapter you will find out about Kris' past as a child. The deaths she saw, as well as the anger and the people afraid of difference in others. See you next time