Darkened Past


Her mother was the only being who knew her daughter was a mutant. And her mother accepted her for being who and what she was. Her mother had kept a promise to never tell anyone, even her father. Kris was thankful that her mom would take that info to her grave. And she did. On April, 17,1985, Angela Marie Crystalio died at 5 am in her sleep. Kris woke up from a nightmare and ran to her mom's room. She went into the room and saw her mom asleep. Unknown to Kris, she was dead. So, Kris went to her mom's side and tried to wake her. Then, she noticed her mom wasn't breathing, so she took her mom's pulse, and found out her mom passed away in her sleep earlier on.

" Mom, please don't be dead", she sobbed as she whispered, "Mom. Mom. Mommy! MOMMY!"

"Kristine what's the matter" her father asked as he came into the bedroom, finding his daughter crying and his wife not breathing. He could now know what happened, he stayed calm and didn't cry, he understood.

"Mommy!...... She's(hic)….. DEAD! MOMMY!!!! ," sobbed Kris, going hysteric.

"Shh, it'll be okay. We'll have a nice little funeral for your mother. Shh, don't cry my daughter I won't let anyone harm you in anyway," comforted her father.

Later that day, everyone in town came to her mother's funeral. Kris and her father planted white and red roses on the grave. As everyone left, Kris stood in front of the grave, softly crying. And her father tried to comfort her as they, then, looked at the sunset.

The grave stone read:

"On April, 17,1985, Angela Marie Crystalio died in her sleep. She died at age 30. A beloved wife, mother and older sister. A talented writer and singer. Loved life and her only daughter. She will always be loved no matter where she is. In death or in life.".

Five years later, when Kris was ten, her father found out about her powers.

"Daddy, please don't hate and abandon me," cried Kris as she healed her fathers' cut finger.

" I promised you, I would never allow anyone to harm you in anyway," he smiled ,as he recovered from his shock.

" Is it also because I am the last, living memory of mommy?," she asked

" Mostly because I love you," he replied.

April 17,1990. Somehow Kris' secret got out and the town started to attack. The Mutant Haters Society was going to kill her, but instead killed her father. And it happened like this:

Kris and her Dad were playing in the front yard, when all of a sudden , the Mutant Haters' Society came yelling at them.

" Destroy the child NOW!" shouted a giant man as they started to burn down their home.

" DADDY! Why are they doing this to us" questioned Kris.

" I don't know sweetie. But, I'll find out" assured her dad.

Then, her dad stepped out to the crowd blocking them from his daughter.

" WHAT is going on," he asked the people.

" Your daughter Kristine, is a Mutant menace. A complete freak," stated the mayor.

" So what? I love her and she's a nice child" replied her dad.

" She is a sin, and must be destroyed," people shouted.

" I won't let harm come to her. She is only a child at ten years old," gestured the Dad.

" Destroy her," the people cheered the Mayor. Just then, the Mayor brought out a riffle and aimed at Kris. But, her father blocked the way, just as the Mayor shot several bullets. Several went through his left shoulder and only one in his heart. He was starting to die. But, having enough energy to hold the town off, he called to his child.

" DADDY!," cried Kris.

" Do not worry, Kristine. Trust me. I will forever love you. Be strong, I will always watch over you in the heavens with your mom. Let God and Gabriel protect you and your loved ones. Right now I will hold off these idiots" yelled her father.

" DADDY!!! NO!!! Don't leave me!," sobbed Kris. Her father, then, charged the crowd and mayor. He then grabbed a pocket knife from his pockets and used it against the Mayor and the crowd. Still bleeding, he blocked an opening towards his daughter.

" Run. Run, Kristine! Go, now! Don't look back just hide away!" pleaded her father.

" Yes, daddy," obeyed Kris sadly as she ran away, out of sight, "Good-bye father," she whispered.

" Goodbye, my only child, Kristine." Those were the last words from his mouth as he was killed, mercilessly. They never could catch up to Kris, so they let her be. That night they were proud they killed her supportive dad, causing pain to the mutant-freak child. Kristine left on her bike, heading towards the train station. When she got there, she found out she didn't have enough money. So, she snuck on the train heading to California and New York.


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