Which side of the coin will it be tonight?

Up it goes, gently spinning

Seems to hover, pauses

Gives me time to think

Why am I flipping this coin?

I shouldn't be, I know that.

There shouldn't BE a coin to flip

I shouldn't NEED to choose.

Ideally, the coin would sit on my desk

Showing the right side

Reminding me, making me smile

The wrong side I don't need

(Don't want, even)

But it stays there

Weighing me down.

Still hovering, spinning slowly

Mocking me

It knows it shouldn't BE

On which side will it land tonight?

Which side will it show ME?

Down it comes now

Still turning over and over

Laughing, almost.

Then it hits me

Plunging deep into my chest

Piercing my heart

And I don't need to see it

I know by the way it cuts my heart in two yet AGAIN

It's the wrong side.