You tried to cut me off

you tried to cut me out

You tried to spare me pain

of that I have no doubt

You say the pain will last

you say the pain won't go

If you hold it tight

how can I tell you no

You want satisfaction

you want other's pain

You want perfection

and to remove the stain

You want to be perfect

you want to be more than man

you want to be the culmination

of the Lord Yeshua's plan

But pain will always be

pain it never goes

Like the ocean it is

and it ebbs and flows

So you cut me off

so out turn me out

then you turn to brood

then you turn to pout

I love you like a brother

I love you like a friend

You who are so different

I give my soul to defend

If you truly hate this

if you truly wish to die

Then please do not tell me

because I would have to try

Try to save your spirit

try to save your heart

I care so much about you

your hurting rips me apart

Though you will never hear it

Not ever in my voice

you will never see it

for such is my choice.

You do not wish to hurt me

you desire to spare me pain

Not understanding that joy

is often watered by rain

the rain of sorrowful tears

the rain of broken hearts

the rain of shattered souls

the rain of broken arts

Life is about both sides

the pain and the joy

you cannot have just one

and I know that can annoy

You seem to focus on one

and forget that joy exists

You only focus on agony

and never on the bliss

I have known the pain

I have know the grief

I once that it wouldn't end

I'd never find relief

but that isn't true

but that isn't so

Trust in God and love

and even pain will go.

For life isn't about Satisfaction

it isn't about joy or pain

it isn't about pride or victory

yet we live it all the same

life is about the child

about the quiet things

about your friends and family

and the love that brings

I give to you my heart

I give to you my soul

Do with them what you will

to reach your desired goal

I have already forgiven you

for every tear that falls

I have already asked his mercy

in the heavenly halls

Give your heart to one

who's love is greater than mine

I am here for you to hurt

And so I do not mind

Give you heart to Yeweh

To Yeshua who stands at the gate

give your heart to those

who never will you hate

I love you little brother

Even though my heart cries

I will not let you do these things

Nor believe the other's lies

Life isn't about the pain

nor is it about the joy

life is about the great love

that a perfect man did employ

Forgive the one who hurts you

Like I have learned to do

It helps to stop the pain

and is the way that's true

True to the greatness in you

the noble spirit I see

Even though now I feel cold

you have pulled away from me

Be true to your greatness

and not to your pain and rage

Let your soul fly free

do not keep it in a cage.

Meanwhile I have to go

Meanwhile I have to hide

The pain will overwhelm me else

and that I cant' abide

Forgive if for a while

you cannot speak to me

I will go behind my masks

so no one else can see

how much you hurt my spirit

how much you hurt my heart

I will be hiding till you call on me

to once more rip apart

my heart and my spirit

my joy and my pain

I am hiding at this moment

but will be out again.