Praise Muhammed (s.a.w), The Great

- - -

Dedicated to the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) on the memorable day on which he was both born and passed away. In the Islamic Calendar, this is known as the 12th Rabi-al-Awwal...and in the English Calendar, this year it was the 12th April 2006.

- - -

When the first rays of light came,

And the Sun ascended the sky,

A Prophet was born into the world,

To banish every lie.

Miracles took place,

The air was fragrant and blessed,

Angels sang praise,

In the name of Allah, the best.

The soil was rich, the weather was clear,

As Prophet Muhammed was born,

He lay cradled in his mothers' arms,

A bringer of fresh dawns.

His face radiant and shining with light,

A connection between Allah and us,

He brought the message of Islam,

And renewed our faith and trust.

The only sword he ever weilded,

Was the one of mercy and compassion,

A natural leader, a holy man,

Who brought peace in every fashion.

His sweat was perfume, his eyes were balms,

He left blessings in his path,

His saliva could sweeten bitter wells,

And he corrected sins of the past.

A perfect example, so great and wise,

He was the founder of Islam,

A just human, brave and loving,

Who succeeded in each plan.

Determined and hardworking, he tried his best,

To reveal the honest truth,

A brightened star, he helped us,

To decide which path to choose.

A role model for every person,

He ended enmity and hate,

A memorable figure of the past,

Praise Muhammed, The Great.