Ch2: The New Enemy

After the great snack war there was a new form of government which sought out to destroy any of the other group or small to large threat that would break this new democracy. The new leaders of every major country was apart of this new government and it was the republic that had announced this new dramatic change in the Pastry Nation. The Pastry Nation would no longer be named The Pastry Nation. It had changed to something more unified, something greater than the common petty quarrels that the Nation had to under go to form as a whole. The Pastry Nation was forever transformed into ……………………. The Union of the Snacks. Not only did this radical change affect the way of life for the inhabitants of the former Pastry Nation, but the population of ice-cap was affected greatly because the government allowed amnesty to federation soldiers and officers. The ice- caps constitutional monarchy was burned and the 17 commandments took its place. In fact, the soldiers and officers were reinstated into the Union's military. The general of the Air Force was a former general of the Flying Oreos. The Flying Oreos were the top Air Force group that included all of the aces in the Federation commanded by General Milk. The cookies were not treated fairly after the new commandment was injected into the stone tablet. General Milk died in his bed at age 1,997. He was the recipient of the Medal of Snacks for his heroism and courage in the face of the former EVIL known only as the Federation. His son, Organic Milk, was in his father's position as military advisor for the President. General Milk Jr. was an enforcer of the rules, ways, and constitutions of his Father. The system of government worked the way we Americans have it. Laws are passed through Congress and the President can approve or veto. The Supreme Court of the Union was the highest court in the land and war criminals, such as Wallace, were put on trial. He was sentenced to the triple amount of life in salutary confinement. That's 150 years in prison, so he would ultimately expire in prison. Yes, this new form of government was strong and fierce but the Union as a whole was as helpless as a baby in a carriage about to get run over by 5 eighteen wheelers, all in rapid succession. It was time for a new force to cripple the Union and make a statement that would shock the ages.

This new power was unlike no one had ever seen and had the strength of 1,000 times the amount of military power and resources that the Federation and Republic had put together! The Age of the Donut had arrived.

It was after 6 years that the Union had formed and was going on strong. But the necessities that it took to run a democracy were way beyond the thinking power and resources that the Union alone could handle. The President, Mr. Blue Berry Pie had asked other countries for their economic help, but since both the Federation and Republic had extended their full military capacity to its maximum potential, the resources were almost all expended in the war. After the Union was back on it's feet and after 4 more years of economic struggle. The Union was announced the leader of all imports. I believe it was General Milk Senior that said, the strongest of nations will fall if they are incapable of maintaining a constant state of economic equilibrium. Even though the Union was the leader in imports in the world, it was also the leader of debt in the world. The Union was simply not fit to carry itself, and the amount of debt the Union was in was so deep that the countries that let the Union have money sent hit men after the President. The Military Power was only a fraction of what it once was, and with a one-third decree of the Navy and Air Force only added on to the military suffering that the new Union had encountered. The Union just got out of war, last ditch effort to rekindle the flame of power was looking to have been a grave mistake on the Republic's behalf ,and the citizens of Pastry Nation are at fault to blame too for even allowing such a issue to even be in the public. Now was the perfect time for the Donut Empire to struck without pity, mercy, or remorse. They would oil down the treads of their tanks with the blood of the enemy, but a message must be sent out that would shock the entire Union, and make the Empires dominance known throughout the entire continent of Desert.

The Empire was formed by the evil "Glazed Donut" that rose to power when I was 14. I was never a big fan of donuts, but when I started eating more of them I finally understood their purpose in this world, to make me happy. The Donut was almost the perfect food for me, because it came in all shapes and sizes. If I needed to conceal it inside something and eat it in the car, then I could take that course of action. I could also eat it in the mornings without my Mother or Father complaining of its ingredients, and for my Dad to approve a donut as an adequate breakfast was a huge thing for me. I was baffled at the goodness and filling taste of a donut. It was, in a sense, the perfect snack and the new dominant force that would change the new face, the continent of Desert. Each time philsofiy101 and me would roam around the halls of our school, I would ask if there were any donuts available for students. I was always given the icy confused stare and then the double whammy NO. I, for a long time would eat Wal-Mart donuts but found them to be too small. Then I turned to Krispy Kream, which were way too sweet. My favorite place to gorge myself in utter fried dough with a creamy glazed coating and sipping down a succulent glass of milk was and will probably always be Duncan Donuts. The Empire consisted of 8 nations, fully capable of waging a small war with the Union. Each was heavily industrialized and futuristic. The first message that had been sent was a terrorist attack in the Union's capital on the massive moment of General Milk. The Union in one voice was enraged by this attack. A draft was in place and many of the citizens were forced to be called to duty for their country to combat this new threat.

The Union wasn't the only country to have been attacked by ,at this time, the unannounced Empire. The surrounding nation's massive moments were blown to atoms, the country of Muffina. The district of sandwich or DS, and Danishico were all paralyzed in the calamity. After the surrounding nations had regained their senses they had sown vengeance to the new threat and vowed to strike fear in the heart of the monster that had attacked them. Even though the Union was crippled it still had some values, one their officers. The officers of the federation and republic were still known for their strategic dominance and pulling a win out of their asses. Two, General Milk JR. General Milk JR had the knowledge of his Father, old military records, and the strategic ability to win, for the Unions sake, any war. The elite group of dogfighters for the Muffina were called the Purple Muffins. One Purple Muffin in a P 16 (Purple 16) could take out an entire state with the right amount of ammunition and explosives. The Purple Muffins were combined with the Flying Oreos. Danishico's Navel power was that of the size of five times the force of the federation and republic's Navy put together at the battle of blue berry muffin. The State of Pie was called to the line of duty again, but fought along side it's long time opponent, the cookies. The government approved of the usage of the nuclear fudge pops that the ice-caps had invented but never used because of their extreme destruction radius. One Fudge Pop could eradicate the Fruit City which was about 106.7 miles long. That had 19 million souls.

General Milk JR was called to be the General of all the forces of this new force. One month after their transformation led to the announcement of the Empire's existence. The Empire's rugged terrain made it impossible for a direct assault on their land. So the Union waited for their attack. Intelligence showed what power the empire had. The empire had war satellites that shot high energy projectile beams at objects causing them to heat up until the point of fracture. The Empire had 6 of them in total, but aside from their space weaponry, their armed forces were 3 times the size of the Unions. The main all-purpose attack tank was the Glaze tank which shot glaze plasma shells at a target with extreme accuracy. The Empire was the largest militaristic force on the earth. The winner would be the supreme snack and the loser would be eaten and then destroyed into waste deposited to a local contaminated facility. The stage is set for the greatest showdown that had ever been fought on the continent of Desert, who will have glory, who will have power, and who will survive. As the superpowers on both sides continue to use their resources to the point of depletion a plan that the corrupt politics in the union had devised ,the most evil plan that politically correct wrenches would redefine the words FREEDOM, POWER, and GLORY.