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Catching Up

In the Beginning

A teenage girl entered her temporarily empty house and dropped her back pack on her bed as she entered her room. Anticipation gripped her as she moved quickly to her computer, sitting in the seat. She booted up the two-year old piece of technology and ran possibilities in her mind. To her the computer took forever to turn on, and even longer to get onto the internet.

Finally the World Wide Web was up and she logged onto her favorite site. Ignoring her multitude of emails that had piled up for the past month; she created a new screen name. None of her friends knew it because she didn't want to talk to them. She switched all of her site accounts to this email address, hiding the new address from everyone.

Her favorite site was a forum, debating was her thing. Not the formal debate with prepared speeches and such, that was just horrible it suffocated her. Her new source of sanity lay in this forum, the words that were spoken between her and her opponent. The thread was private, and debated various issues. It hadn't originally been private, but with the joining of her current opponent she had no patience for any other half-wit's views. Her opponent and she held constant battles trying to best each other, often arguing about several things at once. That alone was a debate, a little rivalry between them of no substantial significance, seeing who could win all the topics at hand first.

They never boasted or whined when the end of a topic came. Somehow they barely noticed most of the time, that's how wrapped up in their world they were. She thought about it all day, thought about how to out wit her opponent. She knew next to nothing about them, except that according to his profile he was a male. Of course people did lie, but it was easy to file her opponent in such a category. He held such a competitive edge and intensity to his words that imagining him as a female was impossible, especially since her exposure to girls did not hold the same knowledge pool her opponent seemed to hold in his palms with ease.

They had left the forum thread, beginning to talk about more intimate issues at times without completely realizing it, and tired of idiots spouting their ideas when the first post and title said as a note 'PRIVATE DO NOT POST.' Sometimes people's stupidity amazed her, it was probably a reason she needed her opponent. Not in the sexual way but mentally, she wanted his mind, she wanted to know how his mind worked in and out. She wanted him to feel the same way also, how could she not.

She was apparently good at debating, researching and becoming more worldly knowledge so she could keep up with him, because he made no public posts once he joined her debate thread, and belonged to know user-circle. They appeared to be near, or at least in a similar time-zone because they were almost always on at the same time. Once one of them got on they would send the PM, private message, if it was their turn and if both were on they would stay online debating each other until they were forced by one reason or another to abandon the computer. How she wished he looked forward to getting on the computer and talking, debating, with her. She wished he thought about it all day like she did. She wished he wanted her mind just as much as she wanted his. Of course she'd never openly admit that, it was for her knowledge alone.

He was on today, it having been his turn to respond first.

"You're being foolish. The war has many underlying layers beneath its so called 'good cause.' I doubt you think any differently, but you can't resist arguing with me."

It was so odd; they never spoke to each other. It unnerved her that she could imagine feeling a sly grin coming from her opponent, which was totally ludicrous in her mind. She hated how he worded it as a statement, meaning he thought he knew or he definitely knew. She continued to read the PM.


She froze, since when did he do that! It was so out of character for the opponent she knew.

"The schools are creating stricter gym and food requirements nationally, so that if a draft needed to be made they would not have so many fat 'soldiers'."

He seemed to spit out the word 'fat' and 'soldier' as if both were mosquitoes buzzing around his head.

"The United States is becoming more and more socialist as the years go by, never truly recovering from the Progressive age. In the distant future the United States will be similar to The Giver."

She had noticed this also, but being the opponent it was her job to outwit him, somehow. This was the end of the PM, not very long she noted.

It was now her job to rebut what he said, and on a personal level confront him on her pet peeve.

She opened the page with the text area element that would allow her to argue with her unknown opponent.

"The government is being questioned for its reasons in the war but do realize half the things stated in the news are fashioned for us to believe the things on a certain side. V for Vendetta is an excellent example over such a thing. Yes there is the 'Freedom of speech' amendment in the Constitution but the media only has legal access to what the government gives them."

She paused wondering if he would use the words, which she was trying to mold to work in her favor, against her.

"In The Giver the characters admit that while after exposure to the things that we take for granted it was in everyone's best interest."

Now for her to chastise him and his immaturity, she had thought more mature than that.

"Don't begin speaking in chat-speak its immature and annoying. And don't act like you know me. We haven't spoken of ourselves so you have no right to be assuming things."

With a satisfied feeling she sent the reply and went to began sorting out her emails, waiting for a response. Once she was down to 10 she checked back to see that he had indeed responded.

Eagerly, as always, she opened it and impatiently waited for the page to load.

"Just as my points backfired on me, they have backfired on you. But I'm sure you knew this as you wrote, but your frustration at my remarks of your mind and my use of chat speak let you go careless. That or we have become a true match for each other. Meaning a new debate must be made my dear."

Not only had he caught what she hoped he would bypass, but he knew she hoped just that. And he called her 'my dear,' in real life any guy who called her 'my dear' was swiftly hurt and traumatized.

"smiles and grabs your upper arm, then pulls you to my person"

He had not lost his flare for words, but he was blatantly ignoring her wishes of him not using the annoying form of talking known as chat-speak. He once again ended the PM there.

"Perhaps, but I will not be the next subject. I am losing all respect I had for you; I suggest you stop your immaturity before I ignore you like all the other little nit wits."

Satisfied that this would stop him she sent the reply and waited. She knew it would not take long; her emails could wait even though all she had to do was delete them.

Just as she predicted his response soon arrived in her mailbox.

"Darling, I have a very good idea of you. I merely wish to see if I am correct in my assumptions. Perhaps I will let you into my mind then?"

It was left unfinished, another pet name given to her and got under her skin further. She hated how he had known that about her, flattered that he WANTED to know her. She would not be bribed. Her response was shorter and harsher, all cool politeness aside.

"I am not some whore you can bribe to get what you want, I don't know what has gotten into you but I will not tolerate it."

She signed off her favorite site then after sending the PM. In her frustration she deleted the remaining emails and got offline for the rest of the day.

The Next Day

After the particularly annoying experience of school the same she followed the same routine as the day prior without the impatience. She was hoping he realized that after her own immature temper tantrum that she meant it when she said stop.

He had responded, yesterday, before he realized she was no longer on.


The anger she heard in his words unnerved her, she hadn't expected such a passionate response from him. Almost afraid of what he would say next scared her a bit, but curiosity won over that like it often does in movies and TV shows.

"I did not mean to offend you, DARLING, I was merely suggesting we should get to know each other to find another subject to debate over."

Inwardly she winced at the emphasized 'darling' but she was happy he wasn't 'screaming' at her anymore. Guarded she sent her response.

"You can't expect me to be so open about speaking of myself. I don't like people in my head, and I don't like pet names. If we were in person at this very moment you would have many bruises by now."

She checked back in about ten minutes later after checking if he was logged on, he was. His response was there and waiting.

"If any attentions that treat you as anything other than genderless bother you; than stop role playing. Stop role playing and acting as if you like the attentions that idiot is giving you. Leave that world behind if it bothers you so much."

Offended that he thought he could give her advice when she didn't want any she barely noticed the cool phrasing of the words. He worded everything in a way of a jealous man barely keeping his control.

"Don't give me advice I didn't ask for. Role-Playing is just that, role-playing. You pretend to be someone else in a different world. It's practically writing a collaboration book that will never be published."

Just to irk him she made a post on a role-playing thread. A nice long post that had her character give her fellow, male, role-player a kiss on the cheek.

He didn't respond until five minutes after the post was submitted.

"Did you do that just to irk me, to get a rise out of me? You know I hold no power over you; this is why you did it. You know I have no way of reaching you if I know nothing about you. I don't need to know where you live, what your name is, what you look like, what your hobbies are, or how old you are to know your mind. To you, your mind is the most precious thing you have, you're terrified right now. You're terrified that I know your mind but you don't know mine. You're terrified that I have that intimate knowledge of you, you feel so vulnerable. You feel so ridiculously vulnerable right now; if we were in person right now you'd want me to have slammed you against a wall. You'd want me to force you to listen to me; you'd want me to force you to keep still. Most of all, you want me to say that you're 'mine.' Well guess what, you are MINE."

He terrified her, he was wrong. He didn't know her at all; if he were trying to evaluate her mind through role-plays then she had no idea where he got the notion that she wanted to be forced to do anything. Everyone was sweet in role-plays she took part in.

She made a decision then; lose all contact with him. He was dangerous if he felt she belonged to him without knowing any of her personal information. And she had no intention of dealing with something like that. She'd respond before blocking his account from communicating with her.

"Do not contact me again on this account or any other, I will report harassment."

The only thing she proved then was that she was terrified. She blocked him then just as she promised herself she would.

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