Tie the Knot Tightly

"Let go," she began to say fighting against him. "Let go of me!" She screamed as she finally got free. The force she used caused the computer chair to roll away from her and for her to hit the desk. Arianna sank to her knees, gripping the edge of the desk so tightly that her knuckles were white.

That's how he knew all of those things…it was all explained now, questions she'd had for years suddenly explained.

"Ari," Vincent's voice interrupting the stifling silence in the room and she flinched, tightening her grip on the desk.

Strong hands suddenly grabbed Arianna, tearing her away from the desk and into Vincent's solid chest. She didn't feel as though she knew her husband anymore, why was she cursed like this? Everything she tried to leave behind just caught up with her and refused to let her go. Her husband's eyes were so narrow she almost thought they were closed, his lips in a grim line as she stared up at him wide-eyed with fear in a bruising embrace.

"Ari, don't you get it? You're meant to be with me, we came together and married without even knowing we knew each other before. Isn't that enough to show you we're supposed to be together?!" Vincent asked with an elevating voice.

All Arianna could do was shake her head. Her husband growled in impatience.

"Why do you have to be so difficult all the time," he snapped impatiently?! He forced her body against the wall, not giving her a choice as he painfully pinned her against the wall. Memories trickled back to her of those private messages she fantasized about.

Vincent drew his face near hers, his dark eyes were flashing. His voice was poisonous, "You loved it when I controlled your body. You loved it when I forced you to submit!"

Finally finding her voice Arianna denied it all. "No, I was fifteen Vincent!" She began struggling against him, "You took my virginity a month ago, you know I've never masturbated, you know I'd never let anyone touch me! It was an experiment, it was a role-play! You know that you're supposed to pretend! How are you supposed to say I liked something whenever I didn't know?!" She was panting a little now but she continued pitifully, "I was so tired of all the mushy happiness around me. I needed something dark Vincent. That gave it to me, it gave me sanity temporarily. I needed that. And if…if you feel so passionately about that then why did you let it end? I would've continued. You're the one who made it end!" The last part was practically screamed at him.

Arianna's husband took a step back releasing his wife because of hurting ears. She made a break for it but Vincent grasped her arm harshly. His entire body screamed dangerous and foreboding, but he just wouldn't let her go. "I stopped because I was beginning to think that. I thought that it was just a role-play for the longest time. But I saw it, the way you role-played and talked. You were harsh, always."

She interrupted him, "I've always been like that!"

A reproachful squeeze on her wrist was enough to keep her quiet. "You always tried to find someone cruel to role-play with. It was like it was an addiction for you. I know you like crueler people over kinder ones. They seem more real to you."

To that she said nothing. She hadn't wanted anyone to know that after she graduated high school. Arianna even went so far as to lose touch with almost all of her high school friends. After college she moved, and then she'd met Vincent. And well he asked her out, she said yes and they eventually married.

"You didn't have to say it Ari. It's obvious to me," Vincent said into her ear. Arianna wondered how he got closer to her without her knowing. "Everything about you is obvious to me."

"Must be boring," she whispered to him.

Arianna felt an arm constrict around her waist. "Never," was Vincent's reply. Throughout everything she hadn't looked at him. She could feel Vincent's hot breath on her ear, "You wouldn't be fighting me if I were Arich." Once again she struggled against him.

"Arich was a character, just like Renée," she insisted coldly.

The next thing she knew was that she was slammed against the wall painfully. Arianna groaned and her head rolled to the side in an attempt to ease the pain she felt from the sudden impact. "What the hell," she began as she cracked her eyes open to look at him. "Vincent," she asked, "What the hell was that for."

His eyes were icy and his face was near hers. "This is what you like isn't it Ari?" He asked pushing his hard body into her soft one. "Isn't it Ari?"

The young twenty-five year old woman said pitifully, "I told you, I don't know." The response was her wrists being grabbed and pinned above her head with his one hand. Vincent used his body to pin her to the wall and his free hand moved her hair away from her neck. He gave her a reproachful bite on her pulse and when he raised his head to look into her eyes he saw fear, but something else was beginning to worm its way into her.

His wife began struggling against him, "Vincent let me go. Let me go right now!" She yelled in a panic, not sure of what he was going to do. "Please," she begged.

He had been licking at her neck where he had bitten before but when she begged him, Vincent bit down painfully causing her to cry out.

"Don't beg," Vincent growled at her, "You're not the type of person to beg, you and I both know that so don't start."

Arianna's eyes were shut tightly and she whimpered. "Then what do you want me to say? I told you I don't know. I told you to let me go but you won't."

Vincent snapped at her, "You're my wife! I don't want you scared of me; I don't see why you are!"

She stared at him in disbelief, "How can't I be?" She asked him incredulously? "I just found out you were two people I knew from the internet! One person that ended up scaring me and the other, well, you ran out on that one." Arianna struggled against his hands again, wanting to be out of his hold.

"Ari!" Vincent yelled at her and she reflexively snapped her eyes shut and flinched. He noticed this and narrowed his eyes, with his free hand he traced her cheek bone and frowned when she flinched again. He loosened his grip on her wrists so it was firm but not painful. "You're the woman of my dreams, I adore you, I'm obsessed with you, I love you more than anything," he purred to her while nuzzling her hair.

Weakly she shook her head, "No," she said just as weakly. "Women adore you, women who are much prettier…" she paused hating where she was going, "who aren't so skittish, and who aren't so modest. They thrive on attention and touching, I don't. You…you like touching constantly, I know you do; but, you don't do it as much as you want because of me."

Her head snapped up as she yelped with pain, Vincent had squeezed his hand holding her wrists painfully. "Stop it," he growled. "You don't even know yourself as well as you think you do. You thrive on touching, that's why you're scared. You don't like that, it makes you feel weak. You're beautiful; I don't care how much you argue with me I still say you're beautiful."

He loosened his grip and she cracked her eyes open to look at him. That something else he had seen in her eyes earlier was becoming more prominent, and he pressed his body into hers. Arianna felt the planes of her husband's chest and abs, and she suddenly felt ugly again. She wasn't fat free like her husband, while she didn't have much it was a constant effort to get rid of it, she had some. In her eyes she wasn't worthy of him.

A growl and a sharp pain on her shoulder brought her back to the present. She squealed and moaned in pain trying to get rid of the pain. Once she opened her eyes, Arianna saw it was Vincent's head near her shoulder, meaning he bit her again. "Vincent stop," she pleaded but he only bit harder. That's right, she thought, he said to not beg.

"I don't know who you are anymore," she was unable to hide the terror in her voice and it earned her a hard stare. Her husband took a stiff step back and brought her with him. An arm went around her waist, keeping her flush against him. Vincent grabbed the hem of her oversized shirt and let go of her waist just enough to slip the fabric off of her waist. His arm immediately reattached itself to bare skin, his heat searing Arianna's cold flesh. His irritation was evident when she continued to be defiant, refusing to help him take off her shirt.

She tried to get out of his hold, twisting her soft supple body against his. Frustrated he grabbed a pair of scissors off of the desk next to them. The brunette froze in terror as they neared the collar of her shirt. She feared being cut as he cut down her shirt, towards the valley between her breasts.

"Vincent," Arianna said breathlessly as he tossed the scissors across the room. She watched them, as if they'd answer all the questions she had but didn't know how to voice. Her gaze snapped back to him when he released her only to grab a hold of her shirt. Her hands rose to hold his as she stared at him in wide-eyed terror. The twenty-five year-old tried to discern what was going through his head, but he was unreadable. Suddenly his grip on the cut edges of her shirt tightened and he ripped the rest of it apart.

She flinched as the material yielded to her husband's harsh demand. He let go for an instant, so it would fall off her completely and in that instant she backed out of arms reach and tried to cover herself for sake of decency.

Vincent sneered at the action, last night she'd made no such move, and he couldn't understand why she was so skittish now. They'd known each other for years, they had liked each other for years, granted it had been one-sided for a while but now he was at peace. After he'd 'met' Arianna he'd stopped going after the girl he knew online and had been rather disconcerted by that. After all, she'd been a major part of his life for years and for him to suddenly not bother anymore worried him. When they had married, and had consummated their marriage he'd never felt so at peace. He'd slept with other women and never felt like it, and afterwards he pondered it as she slept but now he understood. Sub-consciously he had known, and had been comfortable all along.

To him, he and Arianna had been made for each other, they were soul mates. He'd make her see no other could make her feel the way he could. He'd never let her see the other guys staring at her, glaring jealously at him, never. Vincent knew she saw the girls admiring him, he saw them too, but Ari never saw the guys; never. And he'd keep it that way for as long as he could.

He lunged for her and she stumbled back into the computer chair. With narrow eyes he braced himself on each of the arm rests; trapping her there, naked, frightened, gorgeous, and below him. The last was particularly important to him at the moment. He felt his desire growing when he realized who she was. And now it was painful against his, previously roomy, pajama pants. Of course his wife had yet to notice, it may have been for the best though. She looked like she'd die from fright at any moment, noticing his hard on would probably make it reality.

Her hot breaths fanned across his cheeks, she was hyperventilating as he descended upon her lips. She was overall unresponsive to his deep kiss. It wasn't demanding, rather it was just soulful, trying to absorb her.

Against her lips he whispered, "There is only one thing I will never do for you."

Arianna's gaze questioned him, too afraid to actually speak.

"I will never let you go."

It killed him to know he denied her the one thing she wanted right now. But, it was true; he couldn't make himself do that. His body would never obey him.

He began feathering kisses all over her face and down her neck. He nipped at her neck and licked the abused flesh. As he worked his way down, Vincent tore her arms away from her body. At her collar bone he leaned back to appraise his wife.

"You're so beautiful," he said heatedly before latching onto one of her nipples. He roughly bit them and blew on it as it hardened into a pebble. Her husband lapped at her nipple before doing the same to her other breast.

She bit her lip trying not to make any noise, refusing to satisfy him. He made his way down her torso, glancing up at her to see her reactions. Now on his knees, he forced her legs apart, and began blowing on her core. Her body tensed, breathing halted, and eyes were clamped shut as she resisted making a response.

Her mind was in a panic, she knew what he was going to do. Arianna wasn't totally oblivious to things of the sexual nature, but it was still a surprise to her. He'd never done something like this before, it seemed so…carnal. Why couldn't things just be simple for once, she wondered? It wasn't supposed to come back and haunt her, it was just supposed to be a phase she grew out of.

Vincent held her thighs apart with a hand and an elbow. His free hand separated her folds, completely exposing her most private part to his gaze. He stared at her core for so long that she cracked an eye open, it couldn't be that fascinating. Her heart skipped a beat at what she saw, her husband was staring so heatedly at her and she was growing moister by the second. How hadn't she noticed before, she was sopping wet. Her pubic hair was damp, and her essence was practically flowing like a river. Arianna blushed deeply and took a deep, shaky, breath when she reminded herself that she needed oxygen. Whatever spell had been woven broke with that single breath.

His eyes snapped up to hers, "it seems that you must've liked something."

Bastard, she thought, cursing him for his arrogance. He seemed to read her thoughts and gave her a predatory smirk. Vincent suddenly descended upon her, his mouth finding her clit and sucking on it. He was only encouraged with her breathless gasp, he'd break her, he'd make her see things his way and then they'd live happily ever after. His assault on her senses continued and she fought to keep her hands on the arms of the chair, instead of pulling his head closer like her body wanted. She trembled with each suck, bit her bottom lip harder with each lick, and hissed between her teeth with each nip. Vincent pulled her forward on the chair, so her center was hanging off of the chair, giving him better access.

All the while he watched his wife's reactions, she was so beautiful. Soon, she'd be writhing beneath him, begging for his attentions. At the thought his member throbbed painfully and he groaned. She mewled at the vibrations against her clit and twisted in his hold.

He knew then her restraint was broken, there was no way Arianna could possibly fend off her reactions now. He smiled into her entrance before plunging his tongue into her mimicking what another part of him would soon be doing. He watched her reactions, heard her mewls, felt her wantonly arch into him. Abruptly he stopped the thrusting motion to twist his tongue inside her. Her reaction was immediate; Arianna's hands flew to his hair and held on for dear life. He forced himself away from her delicious core, her mewl of displeasure nearly made him cum. God he was so hard. His wife's face was flush, and sheen of sweat began to cover her body as she stared at him through half-lidded eyes darkened with lust.

Vincent's mouth descended on her neck, and he moved from between her legs.

She shivered from the loss of his heat and touch. Arianna was ashamed of herself, how could she be acting like this? She should've been running out of the house. Her mind was ignored as her body's pleas were screamed. She kept her legs wide open, begging for him.

When he just studied her she pleaded in a husky voice, "Please." A wet slap silenced her and she moaned loudly. He'd slapped her core, knowing how close she was to an orgasm. The coil in her belly was so tight, she'd never felt so desperate in her whole life

"Do not beg unless I say so." He slapped her needy, greedy core between each word, covering his hand in her essence.

She moaned loudly and rubbed herself shamelessly against his hand. He leaned near her ear, his breaths on it giving her the chills. A hand between her thighs and a hand on an arm rest to support him as he whispered, "are you desperate?"

"Yes," she said breathlessly.

He chuckled in her ear. "Do you want me bitch, do you want my member fucking you, abusing your cunt." To be honest he had no idea if she liked dirty talk, but he had to try besides he could always arouse her again.

"God yes," she said with a moan. His eyes lit up, a fire dancing behind them, at the sound of her desperate voice. Roughly he tore off his pants, throwing them some where, before he pulled her off the chair and onto the floor, his only courtesies being cushioning her head and pushing the chair away.

She dragged him down to her and kissed him fervently, tasting herself on his tongue. Arianna felt the tip of his member teasing her entrance and she shivered, he brutally thrust his large member into her tiny core. He filled her completely, stretching her painfully. Vincent thrust into her with long hard thrusts, hitting her sweet spot deep within her. The twenty-five year-old woman writhed, her nails bit into his back, and her hips followed him, trying to keep him inside only to be forced to the hard floor again. His lips found a nipple; he began to suck it greedily, wanting everything she had to offer. Her moans resounded in the room. So close, she was so close it drove her mad. Vincent raised his head to watch her face, to witness her expression as she climaxed. His wife was so small, so tight that he was always amazed that he even fit in her. He'd never felt someone so wet, so hot before, if she didn't squeeze him off then surely she'd burn him.

Arianna finally came, Vincent's name on her lips as she arched off the ground, throwing her head back. Her inner muscles contracted so tightly around him that he came with a moan of his own, shooting his cum into her welcoming womb. They were both breathless and covered in sweat as the last of her spasms came. She groaned, coming down from her euphoria and feeling the abuse on her body.

Wearily she gazed up at the shuddering male, who was bracing himself on his forearms to keep from crushing her small form. She'd never felt so satisfied but…Arianna couldn't just forget everything she'd found out. She loved him; she couldn't imagine life without her husband. But, he did scare her.

Weakly she asked her voice still husky, "Are you going to take away my freedom?"

His closed eyes snapped open to look as his wife, who lay demurely beneath him. "No, I'd never do anything to destroy who you are," he whispered with conviction.

She didn't seem convinced but she could not argue. He leaned down and worshiped her with butterfly kisses across her face, ending with a sweet kiss on her lips. Her eyes began to drift close, ready to take an after-sex nap. Vincent slipped out of his wife who groaned in protest but did not put up a fight. For a minute he just sat on his knees and looked at his content wife. She wouldn't leave him, not as long as he never undermined her independence. He couldn't stand people like that, and while he'd never let her go controlling her so completely was something he'd never do.

He picked her up, feeling the fatigue from his own body, and carried her to their room. Vincent placed her under the covers before sliding in beside her, he wrapped an arm around her and drew her close. As his body kept her warm and safe she began to drift off to sleep.

Arianna heard him whisper in her ear, "I guess you do like it."

She smiled weakly and muttered a 'yeah' too tired to do anything else.

He placed a kiss on her temple and whispered with conviction, "I love you more than you'll ever know."

"I don't doubt it," she replied with a wry chuckle. A hand reached up and laced its fingers through his hair. The brunette kissed his lips and whispered against him, "I love you too, my stalker." She succumbed to sleep then, and he tucked her under his chin. This was where she'd always belonged, and he felt relieved to know she finally realized that. Their life together had entered a new phase; he couldn't wait till she was swollen with his offspring. As he too fell asleep he dreamed of their children to be. Oh yes, he couldn't wait.

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