My best friend SerialxLain wrote this for me because she was bored and she loves my guts! A quotefromKaty: You were ugly before you turned emo!

Katy:I'm about to tell you a story. It's a sad, tragic story. You might cry from it. Please don't.

There once was a boy named Johnny. Johnny had a pet hamster. His name was Fluffy. Fluffy liked to run around on his little wheel, but the bad thing was was that he only had three legs so he was constantly falling over. Johnny thought it was funny so he would invite his friends over to watch his poor little Fluffy trip and fall and be shot across his cage. Well, Fluffy was getting very sad and depressed, and so he started to not want to run on his wheel. Well Johnny noticed this so he would force Fluffy into it. Then eventually one night...Fluffy got up and ran with his three legs to where Johnny was sleeping and slit open his throat. But then he ended up feeling guilty so he killed himself too. Oh dear.

The end.

Isn't it sooooo awesome! I love SerialxLain! Reviews on this AWESOME story!!!!! PLEAAAASE!