Just a bit of history about this poem. I wrote it in a restaurant. I got inspiration and wrote the this and the last two poemwhile waiting for my family. I hope you enjoy.

Peck On the Cheek

I walk into church today.

Not knowing what the day would bring.

Until my old friends came walking in.

Making my heart skip a beat.


My beloved sat with me.

The one I've loved for so long.

But have been to shy to tell him.

The secret I held in my heart.


When at greeting time my beloved turned to me.

He pulled me into a hug.

Then he pecked me on the cheek.

My spirit began to soar like never before.


I haven't felt that way in such a long time.

It was too nice for words.

But now... I'm alone again.

Though I still remember that peck on the cheek...