She gave you her heart but you tore it to hell.

She's dead inside but that fire still lingers,

They've got the best of her, but the wont take the rest of her away.

Crying at the feel of his sweetly poisonous touch,

Crying when the nerves of the situation take too much,

She always knew her ambition would never be enough.

She was told to be her best and whatever it was…was good enough,

But that was just the best lie everyone ever promised her,

Just like when they said they were there when times got tough.

Sweet girl, tonight is not the night,

If you're waiting for death,

You'll be dying to make it right.

So drink another bottle of cheap vodka and wine,

Leave another scar,

Make sure it bleeds this time.

Love again, they tell her,

Her heart is but a shattered design,

Love again my dear, were the words of her hearts decline.

And when the feeling of life has left you,

There won't be anything left for you to do,

But run back to the one you loved and seek shelter in his arms.

Goodbye and goodnight sweet girl,

Rest your troubled little head,

The spirit of death will make your dreams come true,

At night while your in bed.