It was a love too perfect for words…to pure to ever fight for.

Maybe that's why we're not together right now. We being pulled apart was like two opposite magnets being forced together. It just wasn't made to work. We were made to fit together.

You wouldn't even look me in the eyes. And that day I saw you at the fair, you wouldn't even say hello. Maybe you didn't recognize me…they say grief changes a person. I have changed, I admit it…but I will never change my love for you. It will always be there, and I will always be here waiting for you.

I remember the day we were torn apart, emotionally and physically. The sun shone so bright, so menacingly…it set your hair afire. It made your blue eyes look gray…or maybe what did that was the pain…

I know you loved me too. I knew it killed you to see me slide into that front seat, and close my eyes to fight back the tears, while the car was thrown in reverse and we drove away.

You thought I didn't know. BUT I DO.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Yeah, I still remember all those times we had. I still remember that time when you held my hand so I wouldn't fall walking on the jagged rocks. And I still remember that time, you sat on the couch next to me while I was curled under a blanket. And I still own that bottle of lotion you loved when I wore. I still haven't washed that shirt your hand touched. I still haven't touched anything that reminded me of you, I'm too afraid to forget.

And sometimes I wish it was possible that you felt with your heart, because then it would be possible for me to rip mine out. I would do anything to just stop feeling for you, stop feeling. I would do anything to forget you, or have you back.

I was a fool to go away. I was a fool to let them take me. I was a fool to never let you see me cry, I was a fool to not say what I was feeling. I thought you knew.

I thought all the times I stayed with you when I was cold, and stayed closed when I was scared…or just stayed close…I thought you would get the idea. We could have ran away together. They never would have found us.

We could have runaway.

Goddamnit. I love you. And its killing me, the lump in my throat just wont go away.

I love you.