Why do we live life to excess,

To make it hurt a little less?

A little pain may be a gain,

To make you forget what you'll forever regret,

The things you thought, the things you said,

The memories once alive that are now dead,

And you wish you were too,

Maybe the world would be better without you,

I've thought that before,

When loneliness tore,

At my heart, at my soul,

At my life, it took it's toll,

I wondered where it began, the misery and woe,

Perhaps my own birth, and time was my foe,

It may be wrong, but like the song,

I found a friend, my friend the end,

We always part only to meet again,

On some lonely night, tonight was when,

He called me softly to the moon,

Ice tears in the night, like that night in June,

I looked into the night, and what did I see?

Myself in the moon, looking back at me,

My image reflected so right and so true,

But the face was of sorrow, colored in blue,

For a while, I thought my friend I did find,

My life's bitter end was all that shined,

But knife in my hand, and will in my mind,

My life's sorrowful journey began to rewind,

Ending to beginning, and what did I see?

The beginning itself wasn't so bad for me,

I laid down the blade, so shiny and so tall,

The end wasn't such a friend after all…