Look at yourself

Pathetic snivelling heap.

Lying there, snorting your breaths.

How long have you been there?

How long since I

Put you there?

Lying there, spitting blood and teeth

But the curses, oh no

I put a stop to those.

My my, such a foul mouth

Had to stop it spitting

Such vile words.

Don't speak so well now,

Do you?

Lying there, in the filth

In your own excrement and

Putrid stench of


Yes, you fear me

I can see it in your eyes

Hear it in the words

You use to try and mask it.

You're afraid now

It's not your turn any more

Now it's MINE.

'Sorry' you splutter.

'Never again' I hear.

Bit I'm not listening

As I slam my foot

Into your side again

You choke on pain,

Your pain.

Repackaged, and now returned

Come home to roost.

I'm not stopping here, no.

I have an eternity of pain

To return.

Not mine

But now