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Watch the malicious decay,

Hope and faith,

One on one,

Who's left once you're done?

Everything you need's right here,

You're not bothered,

You fuel your fear,

A tyranny of pointless lies,

Ignoring your inner cries,

Break a rock, Break a stone,

Break a heart, Break alone,

One is lost, one is gone,

Wont accept that you've done wrong,

Why lie, Why cheat, Why steal, Why cry?

You wont even let yourself try,

Nastiness that's all you have left,

Without that defensive barrier,

You feel bereft,

What a fake,

They've had enough,

Why don't you stop acting so tough?

They know your hurting,

I know your fears,

I would help you through all your tears,

But you are hurting,

Yourself and others,

Remember when we were lovers?

You changed, You changed

Why don't you admit it?

Defeat is painful,

But so is loneliness?

And you wouldn't be alone.

You are such a fool.