Shotgun fired
And I'm living off the feelings
Hell, I'd rather
Waste my time with you
There's so much I'm willing to do
For you
If you could only look
See me
Running through the glass doors
And into a mirror
Falling back
Face with scars
My heart and it's broken parts
Crashing down
Like my world
On me
Believe me
There's so much I'd rather do
Than love you
Though I know you love me too
Can't you see?
On my knees
I'm praying
Looking up at the sky
Falling down
Close my eyes
I love you
Though I've got better things to do
Like jump off
Fall from a cliff
Fire the gun
Pointing at my head
Because of you
I love you
And there's so much I'm willing to do
For you
If you only knew
Too bad
Too late
It's over now
Take it back
It's all made
I'm even willing to die for you
Check the grin
See the smile
I'm happy to do this for you
Just because I'm in love with you
Madly in love
Insanity sparks
I'm so into you
And if you only knew
It hurts being with you
It hurts falling for you
But it's too bad
I'm too late
I'm too far down in love with you
I love you