shooting star.

you've been next to me

(when I was left alone)

I've fallen in love with you

(when you're gone)

like a shooting star

my wishes are vanishing..

a girl gave me a candy

a boy gave me a flower

but I chose to be alone

because my way is not easy to go

alright, now, I'm really alone

now, I've understood

I can live without somebody else

but you.

I want you to know

you're not dead in my heart

(when I thought to escape)

I still think about us

(when my sky is gray)

so many people wanted

to take care of me

but I thought...

"I'm with myself, I'll be ok"

now, the time has told me

"alright, now, you're alone"

my friends said you're dating somebody else

but me.

you may think I'm babyish

(I'm indecisive too much)

can you believe me?

(it's not lie)

I want to be the only one you love

please, take my wishes again.

tonight and every night

I wait for a shooting star

passes by

I want you to come be my love again.