AN: anyways this is basically a retelling of the fairytale in which the frog gets back that golden ball for the princess and in repayment he stay with her for three nights and at the end of it, gets a kiss. Then he turns into a prince and they live happily ever after. this is my version of it. personally i don't like this very much cuz i don't think the ending goes. a bit too abrupt. i dunno. if anyone's readiong this then tell me what you think.

The Toad Prince

The toad jumped the matter,

swallowed colour- devoured my breath.

Skin a crinkled pain, expostulating the thrill


The thrill a paper cut lie- slipped, flipped

into the mist of the well.


The golden ball twirled into

a calligraphers mould(mist) fell, shot

through the core, into my lips, as a golden kiss.


Reason crushed through the conscience,

inflamed my tongue to stutter my thirst.

I needed water.

A prince.

Not some toad filling my glass with wine.

So he left.

That was fine.


Till I realised-

Prince Charming had committed suicide.