Her husband committed suicide in their

Bedroom, two years ago

Lying under the covers she feels him move

From the foot of the bed, toward her

Shakily she slips out of the bed

She runs hard down the hall

Away from the haunting room

Nobody knows exactly what caused

His suicide, to some it was his depression

To some it wasn't a suicide and they have

A murderess living amongst them

Too many memories

The hauntings

Cause her to go

Far from her Louisiana home, up north to

The most southern tip of Indiana

There she makes her home

There she makes her life

There she meets and befriends a man who

Is almost too good to be true

She fears he's keeping children from her

He isn't, but he is keeping something from her

On their wedding day he asks her

Why she let him die

At that moment the similarities clicked

She'd married her murdered

Husband, again

As his flesh peeled from his bones

She shrieked, like never

Before had there been heard such shrieking