Why can't you love me for who I am
Not who I appear or pretend to be
When I hide my angelic countenance behind my demonic façade
Only to remain spared from your lies?

I am one with you, but yet you don't believe me
When I say I love you—only you
And shower you with affecting and devotion
Endlessly hoping the favor will be returned

I pray each night that you will love me
And cradle me in your dreams as well,
Bestowing my heart's desires unto my ears
Which yearn for the heavenly symphony

But, no, your gift is not to be given to me
A girl whose heart is given away freely
Without judgment, grudge, or apathy
I am not destined to be loved

I am destined to be bruised and tattered
By the hate and pretenses of mankind
I am unworthy of feeling safe and secure
With the enfolding or your arms around me

Farewell, my lose hope, farewell
I know you won't even hear my requiem
Even as I scream at the top of my lungs
And watch you leave me behind forever

Author's Note: Feel free to suggest a title. I'd love to have a title for this one. Thanks again for reading!!