I Am (Just Another Face)

I am a fantasy destined to fade
To become nothing more than illusions of a memory
Unnoticed and unremembered, like that one night from way back when

I am a dream of things wished to be
To triuph over the weaknesses and freedom from Sorrow
For Her hands to release from Her icy grip over Death once and for all

I am a pessimist, loving to hate everything
Loving to tear Hope from the hearts of many
Fearing to be happy to disappoint myself, like I always do

I am your friend who's always there
Never will I be far away
Never will I leave you alone in this cruel world

I am a liar, a cheat, a whore
Your heart is not save in my hands; nor will it ever be
You are my toy for me to break into a million shards

I am your lover, true and chaste
My arms always welcome your strong structure
I am loyal and true to the end

I am what you call me in your ignorance
Whichever stereotype you so choose to brand me by
I am nothing to you—I'm just another face