Did you realize that you spared my life?
Your voice reached through my silent void of nothingness
And defeated my woeful thoughts of pessimism about life
And myself.
Your words did that much for me
But as I sit and contemplate the events that took place
I realize one more that I am nothing to you
Just an image of your past life and endeavors
I am nothing to you!
Why did you steal me away from Death?
Why didn't you allow Silence to wrap me in her arms
And draw from my veins your poisonous love?
It's only natural that you wish to preserve me
And keep me from the sanctity of another life
Where I could be once again free and unchained
Unblemished from the scabs inflicted by your obsessions
No, I shall never be free from your love
I shall never fly free with the birds
Until you unlock the chains that bind me to you
For eternity