Screaming But Silent

I dream of you by night
I long to feel your arms around me
To shelter, protect, and hide me from this cruel world
To which I am subjected to until I finally close my eyes

Can't you save me like you did before
And take my mortal blemishes into your forgiving kiss
And cleanse me of the scarlet sins that rack my soul?
The crimson tears stream down my cheeks as I die inside

How I long to regress to a simple state of mind
Where once again I'd be free from your love
And toxic touch of healing that burns forever
That touch that I crave relentlessly—such a sweet flavor—

Take my heart into your hands
And extinguish these flames that consume my soul
I burn from these treacherous emotions that you disdain
They are selfish, unsympathetic, demonic—

I will close my eyes and succumb to your sweet curse
Which I am inevitably destined for
The curse of being seduced by the warmth of your hate
Depicted as love and thrown around to do nothing but hurt

Alas, your poison has inundated my mortal frame
Drawing my one final breath to your merciless ears
The words which I hope will haunt you for an eternity
Maybe then you'll finally hear what I've longed to say

I love you

Author's Note: I really don't like the title for this one. I'm sure you don't either. It just doesn't seem to fit. Please, please, PLEASE submit a different suggestion in a review!! –Damaged--