Dreams of Solitude

Yet another dream was snatched as I lay awake
With the reality that dreams are just desires of our hearts
But what I dreamt was not my fantasy
Rather, it was a question spurred after certain events had unfurled
Does he love me as much as he professes?
Or are his sweet words really poison—nothing more?
Does he hold my future in a gentle caress with a gossamer kiss?
No—it is with endless remorse that I come to my reality
He is just like everybody else that surrounds me
Nothing more than shallow promises and lustful innuendos
I am nothing more than an image of what he wishes to become
An image that flickers with each breath of the raging wind
How I long to be his vision of his glorious future
How I wish I mean more to him than I do
But, alas, dreams are meant to remain dreams
And I am destined to a life of solitude

Author's Note: I'm not so sure I like the title, so if you think it should be named something else, please mention it in your review. Thank you again!—Damaged--