"Cast a spell"

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those witches in fairy tales,
I could get in your mind just by casting a spell.
Get into that place you thought you knew so well,
Trapping you forever in your own personal hell.

Oh, how I would just love torturing you,
In the one place you can't escape me.
I would chase you forever, making your dreams nightmares.
You'd never want to close your eyes again.
You'd never want to see my face again,
Or hear my voice again.

But of course I'm going to make you relive me again.

You didn't stop when I wanted you to.
So why should I spare my revenge on you?
You tortured me, I'm gonna torture you
Did whatever you wanted to me,
why shouldn't I do the same to you?

My hellish memories, feelings untrue
Lies upon lies spilled from you.
Devilish desires, revenge appeals
Restless spirit, my destiny unfulfilled.
Your existence irks me, I know what ill do,
Just close my eyes and pay a visit to you.