And The Band Played On

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

I sang a song as the band played on,

And the rain fell all around

And I saw a man standing,

Like a scare crow in the rain

His face tilted toward the clouds

It seemed to me, as he stood there,

The earth seemed to die around

And though he tried he could not save,

The child in his arms

But it's ok the blind man said,

Who's heart died long ago

For one man can not save the world,

Though only one man tried

Years past, and the band played on

Then the man turned, and looked at me

And as I started to fade away,

I looked into his eyes and said

"Don't cry now, you promise me,

I had a dream that you were free,

You were a bird, with the most beautiful wings,

And flew to heaven for the world to see"

Fading… fading almost gone

"Farewell scare crow,

I'm gonna' miss you the most"

And the band played on,

And I was home,

And dreamed of him,

And a song