Hello Stranger

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

Hello stranger,

if only you'd come in time enough,

for me to see you cry

To know you cared and maybe there,

to help me pass the time

And let me know I'm not alone,

because your always near

To hold me when I'm feeling scared,

of what the world can bring


Hello stranger,

I've seen you before,

I know you from my dreams

But in my dreams it always ends,

with a sad melody

When I was young I always thought,

you'd come and rescue me

But you never came, and nothings changed,

'cause still you're not with me

But now you see, I don't care,

'cause I don't need you here

My family and friends were always there,

instead of a memory


Hello stranger,

it's ok, 'cause I turned out just fine,

and I have no more need to cry

'Cause you're left to face the time

Dedicated to my father.