I wanted to say

Dance with me

On the slabs of artificial light


(I have to look up to you)

It's beautiful

And I love you

We were drinking


from the bottle

and someone told me

I looked like my brother

and that made me laugh

(I don't remember why)

And I felt that

You were watching me


(were you watching over)

And I wanted to say

Kiss me

(with your back to them)

But you asked me if

I wanted to (live)

It was extraneous

(it wasn't)

and I said

I do

I do

(I heard myself say it but I don't think I did)

People came back

drenched and gilded

by the wet starlight

And then I couldn't read your



Because someone was telling me another


But I wanted you to know

That late

I was still standing where

You left me

In the half light

(Half promised)

And I want you

To know


I would

(Of course I would)