I Am

Who am I?

The greatest ally,

The sleaziest barfly,

The wisest rabbi,

The king of the sky,

The silent reply,

The sweetest goodbye,

The all seeing eye,

The perfect lie,

The villain that just won't die,

The good guy and the bad guy,

I am,

The media's political spin,

The hero that has to win,

Your desktop's recycle bin,

The bombing of Berlin,

The dry shot of gin,

The kick to the shin,

The plan's lynchpin,

The mortal sin,

The next of kin,

The dorsal fin,

The thin skin,

I am,

The last laugh,

The first kiss,

The president's staff,

The heavenly bliss,

The empty half,

The one you miss,

I am,

The everything,

The super man,

The golden king,

The master plan,

The lord's right hand,

The only one,

The biggest fan,

The cinnabun,

The last heroic stand,

The last bullet in the gun,

The last grain of sand,

The last glimmer of the sun,

I am,

Never outdone,

Never outgunned,

Never outrun,

And I've just begun.

I am,

The alpha and omega,

Life's entirety,

The tasty rutabaga!

Life's totality,

I will,

Always be heard,

For I am the maker.

Always have the last word,

For I am the breaker.

I am,

The hard drill sergeant,

The wealthy merchant,

The evil tyrant,

The sage savant.

...No one important.