"Just another day of living hell, torture was at a minimum today and they gave me a piece of bread with my gruel today!" -Lezlie Welsh.

I'll start with saying, I'm not the most gorgeous girl living. I'm not even really that pretty. I will admit that I'm not hideous either and I even have those days where I look in the mirror and just have to give myself a mental thumbs up. Yet that's besides the point. The point is, there are thousand other, way more prettier girls than me and that's just at our school alone. So it can't be that he thinks I'm pretty, right?

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Lezlie Welsh. I'm 17 and a junior in Braggerston Highschool. I have bleach blonde hair that reaches about an inch below my shoulders and dark green eyes. I'm about 5'5, a bit on the short side but I deal. I'm pretty much in the middle when it comes to academics, I suck at math and chemistry but excel in everything else. I'm just your average, teenage girl who has a couple best friends and a bunch of good friends.

And who was the he I mentioned earlier? That would be Cillin Whitten. Now before I describe his near-perfect exterior, I'll mention everything that's bad about him which is pretty much everything except his looks. He's arrogant, ignorant, a jerk, selfish, conceited, sexist, pigheaded and just an all around asshole. Now with that said, I will admit that he is exceedingly good looking, only if he had a personality to match his looks. His black hair was styled in that very popular 'I just got out of bed' look and he pulled it of perfectly. Big, expressive bright blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled or laughed. He had the build of a soccer player, which he did play along with lacrosse and sadly, he's smart. He pretty much towered over me in height too, which is a thing I curse him for regularly and he used against me every second he could.

Normally with guys like that I stay as far away as I possibly can because even though I have my standards, it's always the guys who have the great smile and voice that could make a straight guy turn gay, that are the biggest jerks. Yet Cillin just keeps coming back. I don't know if it's because he likes the stimulating arguments since the sluts, excuse my vulgarness, he hangs around can't even say stimulating argument, let alone give one, or it's because he's a sick twisted freak who gets pleasure out of making me completely ticked off. Whatever the reason is, he still comes to me everyday, whenever he see's me and makes some rude comment, which I try to ignore but he just keeps talking and I, of course being the outspoken person I am, have to voice my opinions.

This has been going on since he moved to this school at the beginning of the year. It started when he knocked my books off my desk when he was walking by to his new seat. He didn't pick them up or even apologize, just kept walking and of course it had to be one of those days where every little thing was getting on my nerves so I blew up. Well, not really blew up, just said in a loud enough voice that he could hear but the teacher couldn't, 'Fricken asshole' which I will confess, isn't exactly the most mature thing to do but give me a break, I was having a bad day. So than Mr. Whitten, being the arrogant prick that we all know, and I hate, today has to say something half assed back. I don't remember his exact words but it went something along the lines of, "You should get used to being down there, on all fours, on the floor." So what did I do? Well gaped in shock because the last time someone had verbally assaulted me and making me so ticked off that all I saw was red was back in elementary when a kid called me fat. After getting over my moment of complete and utter shock, I stood up and chucked the book I had been gripping in my hand at him.

If I was at the gates of heaven and God asked me if I regretted chucking that book at Cillin Whitten, and my answer would be the result in me going to heaven or hell, I'd proudly say, "Hell no! I'm glad it was my History book too, hit him square in the face and then he was the one seeing red." Since I had come close to breaking his nose. Sure the result of such an action would make me burn in hell for eternity but I bet it'd give me kudos's with Satan. Oh, and my principle who's a woman only gave me a weeks worth of after school detentions instead of suspending me.

So anyone could tell that I hate, with every fiber in my bone, Cillin Whitten. Though if you haven't noticed, our last names are particularly similar. So with all the teachers who seat the classes alphabetically, I was stuck next to him and not only that, when teachers choose partners, I'm always stuck with him! It's like I'm in a nightmare and just when I think it's over, I find out that I'm not really awake and I'm in another nightmare.

"Hey Lezbo." Oh, I think I failed to mention he has the maturity of my 5-year-old cousin. Actually, that's an insult to my cousin. "Get it? Lezlie, Lezbo." He laughed at his own dumb joke and I mentally rolled my eyes but made my face hard as stone, knowing he was looking for any sign of a crack. "You know, frowning causes premature wrinkles but than again, I guess you don't really have to worry about it since your face can't really get any uglier."

"Says the guy with the face that rivals a monkeys ass." I said clearly, knowing I wouldn't be able to ignore him for the next 50 minutes. He'd get nastier with every jab and normally if I just humored him, he'd stay with is little kid jokes, which I could handle. Even though I wouldn't admit it to anyone, some of the stuff he said really got to me. Most of the time I could just mask everything with anger or a stoic expression when all I really wanted to do was cry. No wait, all I really wanted to do is beat him to a pulp. Yeah, that would be much more productive than crying. Alas, I've tried punching, kicking, stabbing, setting him on fire and many other things but nothing seems to work. Fire? Haha, no of course I didn't set him on fire! Only his jacket and his friend noticed before it spread too far... dammit.

"It speaks." Cillin grinned ruefully and I felt the sudden urge to take the back of his head and slam it against the desk. Okay, so I have a few emotional issues but I always seem to feel better once I hurt Cillin, physically that is. Nothing I every say seems to effect him, which just adds fuel to my fire.

"It also punches." I whispered, not even sparing him a glance as the teacher walked in and immediately started writing formulas on the board. I slowly pulled out my chemistry notebook and opened it to where I left off yesterday and started to copy down notes.

"So now even you're admitting that you have no specific gender." Cillin commented in a low, lazy voice that only I could hear. That's one thing I learned early on, only I heard the rude, obnoxious things Cillin said while the rest of the school thought he was a saint. For the first two months I thought, or more like convinced myself, that he was a jerk to everyone just to find out that everyone only heard my comments or saw me hit him, so of course I ended up being the bad guy. After that I learned to control the volume of my voice and look around to make sure no one noticed when I hit him.

"You're coming repetitive in your lame, unoriginal comebacks." I whispered back, frowning at the formula and how lost I had become within the first five minutes of glass. I squinted at the board, than leaned back in my chair before slouching over my notebook and trying to figure it out. Whenever would I feel the need to use chemical imbalances in real life? Oh yes, it would be such a vigorous topic to start with someone at a party. I can just picture it now, people would think I'm even more of a weirdo than they do now.

"First off, you're the most repetitive person alive, you do nothing but call me a jerk, arrogant, ignorant, asshole and so on and so forth. Lame? Have you looked in a mirror lately, Welsh? And unoriginal? You've got to be kidding me!" If I wasn't so utterly engulfed in my annoyance with chemistry than I would have come up with some witty reply that would have kept this argument going for ages, but since the only thing I could think of was naming a guy Chemistry then letting me have a go at him with a bat, I didn't really care about the current conversation with Cillin.

"Shove it Whitten." I replied quietly and quickly, scribbling down a few things on my homework to make it look like I actually attempted to do it. The teacher just walked by and looked if you had work, he didn't really check it so I'd be fine for now.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" My whole body tensed up at how close Cillin had gotten without me noticing. I glanced over at the teacher who was, of course, on the other side of the room yelling at some poor smuck who had got caught cheating. Cillin's hot breath came in waves to my ear and I had to resist shivering from the sudden contact.

"Uck." I began coughing and hacking, moving my body away from him as I covered my mouth and nose with my hands. "Have you ever heard of bathing? Toothbrush? A tic-tac? Anything ringing a bell?" Well in doubt, insult their hygiene. It's an old trick but very faithful, works every time to get a person to back off too. Well every person besides Cillin, who's one goal in life was to make mine as miserable as possible.

"How do you like them apples?" He asked after breathing right in my face, getting very up close and person. I put my hand over his face and pushed him back, waving my free hand in front of my face.

"Toxic fumes." I coughed. Some would call this friendly banter but it was the farthest thing from it. I just didn't want it to turn into anything serious and he seemed in a good mood today. He backed off and grinned widely, giving me a wink to which I pointed inside my mouth as a gagging reference.

"How goes it?" I looked up from my squatted position on the floor, in front of my locker, and gave a dramatic sigh.

"Just another day of living hell, torture was at a minimum today and they gave me a piece of bread with my gruel today!" I announced in a fake happy voice as I began shoving books, folders and papers into my book back. A deep chuckle came from the person next to me and I couldn't help but smile at it.

"Aw, my little soldier. So very brave of you." I stood up and pulled my book bag on as dark green met hazel. Aeric Fringe had met a couple months ago at a bonfire and had ended up with both of our friends ditching us on the trampoline. We got to talking and 15 minutes later, I had to leave. He asked for my number and we've been going out for three months, which is two months longer than most teenagers in our schools relationships last. He was probably the most cutest thing, which bugged the crap out of him but he did have his moments of sex appeal. Aeric was the kind of guy that if a girl said they were cold in 30 below weather, would give his jacket to her and risk frostbite. He was a couple inches taller than me, the top of my head met his chin, and has a strong build, from playing hockey and soccer for 14 years of his life. He's a year older than me, a senior and with his messy dark brown hair and goofy, slightly lopsided smile he was the best thing.

"Hardy har har." He bent down and kissed my forehead, which sent a spark throughout my body. I smiled up at him and his lips met mine. Even though Aeric was an intelligent, funny and great looking guy, the thing that made me want to be more than just friends was his kiss. His lips were always warm and soft and I could always feel his smile against my mouth. Although I hated it, all he had to do was kiss me to make me forgive him. Not that he ever really made me mad, only on one topic.

"No PDA in the hallways, you're setting a bad example for the kids!" Speak of the devil. Our kiss broke and I was left glaring at the grinning Cillin. Cillin and Aeric just happened to be extremely good friends, and so forth he seemed to be always around. And of course, Aeric never heard or saw the little tiffs Cillin and I got into, so his thoughts on Cillin were like the rest of the school.

"Don't be jealous Cillin, you'll find someone. I'm just sorry that Aeric is straight." It slipped before I could stop it and Cillin recovered way before I did. He put on a fake hurt and confused look, as if I had actually really hurt his feelings, and Aeric looked at me in slight anger. Another thing about Aeric is that he hates when others talk bad to or about his friends, which includes me talking about Cillin. "Oh look, there's Benny! Bye." I stood on my toes, kissed Aeric on the cheek and dashed off to Benny who was walking obliviously towards the student parking lot. I attached myself to her arm and gave her a beaming smile when she looked at me in confused.

"Hey Lee." Benny greeted once she registered it was me who grabbed onto her, not some crazed lunatic. Benvy, a.k.a. Benny, Strathorn was my best friend and the only person who believed me that Cillin was pure evil, which made her even more well liked in my book. Benny was one of those short, adorable girls that you just wanted to pick up and put in your pocket. She stood a couple inches shorter than me, around 5'2 I'm guessing, with short black hair with bottom layer colored blonde. Almond shaped gray-blue eyes that were framed by black, sleek librarian glasses and freckles littered across her nose and cheeks. Dimples on both cheeks topped everything off.

"So are we having that Speilberg marathon at my house or yours?" I asked, glancing back and seeing that Cillin and Aeric were about 15 feet away since they were heading to the parking lot also. I looked back at Benny before either of them noticed I was looking and hoped that Aeric would forget about the little crack I took at Cillin by tomorrow.

"I think it's my turn this weekend." Benny commented thoughtfully and than glanced back. "Ah, how did it go with Cillin today?" She asked in a overly concerned voice. I made a disgusted face while throwing my arms up in the air, not caring about the looks people shot me.

"I slipped and made a comment in front of Aeric. I don't know how nobody else can notice how big of a jerk that guy is. Oh, and he invaded my personal space today! One of these days I will successfully break his nose and gut him." I said foully, crossing my arms over my chest in a half pout.

"That was a bit psychopathic Lee." Benny looked up in thought than smiled widely, clapping her hands together. "You should try out for the school play! The lead is a girl who's going slowly insane and falls for the doctor treating her. It's so romantic." Benny is a complete romantic that would put Shelley to shame.

"Yeah sure." I said. I had been in a couple plays, sang, danced and just made an overall fool of myself so I didn't really mind the whole embarrassment thing. Anyways, surprisingly the school got really into the plays and there was always a bunch of people working on it or in it and most of the school shows up for the school production.

"Really?" Benny asked hopefully. Benny was the plays co-director, working with the drama teacher who knew close to nothing about plays so all the pressure was pushed onto Benny. I usually helped out in any way I could, including keeping everyone in line since Benny was kind of timid and people had a habit of looking her over and ignoring her.

"Sure why not." I said with a shrug. I knew Benny was pretty much offering my the spot, all I had to do was show up after school one day, read a few lines and oh my gosh, I've got the part! "Must have pretty slim pickings this year, huh?" I asked with a grin, nudging Benny who gave a frustrated sigh.

"I tried to tie up the seniors, I really did but they chewed through the rope." Benny said with a hint of hurt lacing her voice. We both looked at each other and laughed because last year, we had told the senior actors we were going to tie them up and keep them here forever. A few looked pretty scared for the rest of the year.

"Hey, Lezlie!" I turned around and looked at Aeric who was waving a hand in the air and running after me, Cillin trailing behind him. I gave him a questioning look, surprised that he had gotten over the comment I had said earlier that quickly. "Listen, I forgot that I have to retake the test I missed in Eastern Studies today, after school and I promised Cillin a ride home so could you do me a favor?" See, this is what I hate. What am I suppose to do? Say no? Yeah right, than Aeric would ask why and when I can't give him a reasonable answer he'd get mad and I'd end up taking Cillin anyways but still have Aeric being mad at me. On the other hand I could just grin and bare it which would make Aeric happy.

"Uh-I guess." I said in a 'please ground, swallow me whole so I don't have to ride in the car with Cillin for 20 minutes' way. Though Aeric didn't notice my obvious dislike for the situation and I momentarly forgot it as he pulled on one of my piggy tails and kissed me lightly.

"Thanks. I owe you." He said in that low, husky voice that made my knees buckle. How come I can't get down that sultry bedroom voice? Whenever I try I just sound like I have to pee.

"You have nothing left to give kid. I already own your body, your soul, your life." I counted each thing off on my fingers, trying to forget the urge to jump Aeric right there in the hall. My moms pretty cool about things but she isn't that cool. Aeric kissed me again, deeper this time but just as quick. He backed up, flashed me that cute lopsided smile and ran off, patting Cillin on the shoulder. "If there is a sudden car accident I am not held liable for it. And if you just so happen to be found dead, on the side of the road, that I am also not liable for." I said threateningly, narrowing my eyes at Cillin as he sauntered up to me.

"Do you see how mean she is to me?" I turned to Benny who gave a skeptical look and made a 'mmhmmm' noise in the back of her throat. Ah, good ol' Benny, I can always count on her to be on my side.

"Remember Lee, tryouts are tomorrow right after school. And I'll try to get someone cute enough so you won't gag when you kiss him but dull enough so that Aeric won't go all crazy jealous." Benny said with a wide smile. She gave me a peace sign and walked off.

"Don't know why he'd ever get jealous, a dull person and you would get along perfectly." Cillin commented once Benny was out of hearing range. I turned to Cillin and remained perfectly calm, which put him off a bit.

"Cillin, do you like where your balls are?" I asked in a completely innocent and stoic way. Cillin raised an eye brow and seemed to choose his words wisely.

"Very much so." He answered finally and I took a step towards him and stood on my toes so I wouldn't seem that much shorter than him.

"Than I suggest you shove it." I smiled politely, turned on my heel and walked away.

Lezlie : Lez'Lee Aeric : Eric Benvy : Ben'V Cillin : Kil'In

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