Before you read this and wonder, yes, this is somewhat similar to one of Elochai's fictions. That is because we wrote them at the same time, and gave each other ideas. There is no thieving from either side.

Note: This story contains a bit of violence and contains a hell of a lot of swearing. I did this mainly because I write realistically. When a character that is only 16 is being shot at, he's going to scream "OH FUCK! FUCKING GUNS ARE SHOOTING!" He's not going to yell "I need covering fire, incoming!". There is also a scene I can't be bothered changing that is a bit religiously controversial.. So either deal with it or leave it. Don't complain, I get enough from neighbours. Apart from that, enjoy…

Prologue – History

Too much had happened in Oliver's life. Too much for most people to handle. Everyone experiences bad times in their life, but no one is meant to go through what Oliver and a few others went through. Oliver Gyton was sixteen when everything he knew was taken away. All that he loved was destroyed. But that wasn't what he went through. When he was twelve, he lost his girlfriend in a car crash when it crashed over the cliff on the sharp turn on the back way to Rotorua.

He blamed himself for her death for three years. He had promised to go with her to the movies a week before she died. On the day, Oliver forgot about it and helped his elderly neighbour doing some gardening. Oliver kicked himself for forgetting his date with Tracey Dawson. And he did more then just kick himself when he found out she had died. For two weeks, he stayed in his room, not doing anything. After those two weeks, Oliver had tried to kill himself more then eight times.

But each time, one of his friends having stopped him. After the eighth time, he learnt that life is and isn't worth living. If he was going to die, then he was going to die by some other way then by his own hands. One of his best friends, Daniel Whilks had some connections and knew a lot of people, good and bad. Hanging around Daniel got Oliver into lots of trouble. Other then him and Cojack, Daniels brother, Daniel was the youngest in his group of friends at fifteen.

Oliver was thirteen when he got into his first proper fight. Oliver and Cojack had been walking down the road in downtown Tauranga when a gang of ten men converged around the two boys. Cojack was a year younger then Oliver, twelve. Oliver had been trained by Daniel and could fight in most styles. Hand-to-hand, knife, sword and with guns. One of the men threw a punch at Oliver. Oliver blocked hit and swung back. He cracked two ribs in a second. Cojack tried to help, but two men grabbed him and threw him to the ground. They were about to proceed to kick the hell out of him when Daniel and two others jumped out of nowhere and joined in the fight. In less then two minutes, five were unconscious, three were lying on the ground in pain from broken ribs and other bones, and the other two who had attacked Cojack were lying on the ground, trying to breathe through crushed throats.

Fortunately for them, they didn't die. It was that day that introduced the life of risk to Oliver. Ever since then, he does everything that could risk his life, while hoping that something will go wrong and he will die. A month before Tracey died, Daniel had been going out with another of Oliver's best friends, Mia Will. Mia was twelve at that point. Cojack had asked her out once, but that was three days after she had started going out with Daniel.

Cojack didn't mind being denied, he had been through worse experiences with women. When Oliver finished at Intermediate, he went to Aquinas College, a religious school. It was there, or he would have had to go to Boys High. And he knew too many people there who would try and hurt him but resulting in getting themselves hurt. It was there that Oliver made friends with Sam Hill and Alex Harper. He was friends with them all through 2003 and most of 2004. Not far from the last term of school, a girl called Georgina Cross moved to New Zealand. She had been living in Syria for six months.

For some reason, Oliver and Sam took an instant disliking towards her. Alex on the other hand, ending up being good friends with her. It was her that ended their relationship with Alex. On the occasion, Oliver would keep in contact with Alex but Sam just stopped talking to him. In 2005, Alex moved and went to another school on the other side of Tauranga.

A few weeks after first meeting George, Oliver got a phone call from Cojack. He hadn't talked to him or Daniel for at least a year. Daniel had liver cancer and a heart disease. He wasn't given two months, but he was still alive in 2005. Oliver spent much of his time in Edgecombe, where Daniel lived. Usually, the two would sit on either the X-Box and play over the Internet, or play people over the Internet on that. It depended on heir mood really. Sam Hill would spend most of his time on the net, chatting to people over in America and other countries. Sam had accidentally pissed a couple of people off.

And they were very important people and they were very ruthless people. When Sam found out who they were, he stopped going on the net for a long time. Little did he know he had started a war that would put him and his friends and their friends in danger beyond their imagination.