He came for her through the night
She was scared, frightened.
No one knew what to expect.
They tried to hide her,
Within the confines of the house.
But he still came.
He swept her away upon his black steed.
And they rode away into the night forest.
He held her close.
His hot breath sending shivers down her spine.
He was all in black,
A mask upon his face.
When they arrived at his hideout
He treated her like royalty.
Hidden within the forest,
They fell in love.
The villagers could not accept this.
Didn't know what had transpired.
They later stormed his hideout.
The maiden safe in the bedroom.
Her masked lover fighting to protect their love.
He fought hard,
She heard the noise.
Rushing downstairs to the scene and crying out
As her love was beaten to the ground.
She tried to help him but could not get past.
Eventually, the townsfolk left.
The feeling of betrayal heavy upon them.
The maiden ran to her love,
Held him close.
He seemed at the end of his thread.
She proclaimed her love to him over and over,
As if to bring him back.
And he came back.
He held her close,
As the forest swallowed them up.
Now only their story is known.