Carpe Deim: Seize the Day

Tradition is certain and never changes,

Honor prevents you from taking the fall,

Discipline stops those foolish rages

And excellence comes from obeying them all.

There is always a time to use caution

When lightly we must tread

But a daring role we must now and again put on,

When we must scream to wake the dead!

Are you a man, strong and brave?

Ready to seize the day?

Or are you a squid, weak and naïve?

Hoping things will stay the same way?

For if a swamp shall sit long and still

It shall soon grow dead

But if it churns and mixes it will

Be made full of life with the change it's been fed

Carpe Deim! The Romans did say

With a spine for all about

To go off to war to seize the day

At the top of our lungs we should shout

Carpe Deim: Seize the Day!