To the One Who Listens:

She sits high on yonder sky

Full and yellow-white

Looking down

Watching us all

Seeing the husband

Cheat on his wife

Seeing the boy

Beat his dog

Seeing the rapist

Defile another victim

Seeing the father

Murder his wife and kids

Watching the trees

Sway with the breeze

Watching the man

Mourn his lover's death

Watching the shyness

Of a virgin in the backseat

Watching the lioness

Give birth

Peering in on our world

Only for ten hours

Seeing what her brother,

The Sun, does not

Seeing us when

Nobody is watching

The only one who sees

My pain tonight

The only one who sees

My lover and I sleep alone

With our dreamless sleeps

Hearing our empty hearts

Rage against our breasts

Only she sees me toss

And turn in this

Cool, lonely bed

Only she sees my heart

Ache and yearn

Only she sees my soul

Twist and writhe for the

Burning, for the

Scorching of my soul

The pain I feel when

I am alone,

When I am without her