I'm abnormal


And certainly unwonderful;



Embarrassing and odd.

I'll write a poem-

Tell a story-

(my relationships all end up gory)

You walk on by

(You make me sigh)

Barely grant me a nod.

Please talk to me

or stay awhile

and say something to make me smile

and I'll be yours

(forever yours)

until you change your mind…

Until you find

Someone who

Does what you do to me to you

And makes you who

You aspire to

So you leave me far behind.

And until then

I'll try to be

Who you want and what you need

I'll twist and bend-

Try to pretend

I'm who you want me to be

Instead of abnormal,


Everything I've always been

I'll be indebatable

And dateable…

And anything but me.