The message came late one night, announcing their arrival. It overloaded the networks, and forced itself onto every vid being played.

Through observation and many years, we have decided.

Our species lacks only one thing, and yours possesses it.

Do not fear, do not panic.

We want Humanity.

We bled and died and fought, but nothing could ebb the tide. One by one, they conquered our homes, burned our cities, and took our population captive. What they did to prisoners they made clear. Each was cut open and examined, but none seemed to have what they wanted.

When we at last gave up, when there was nowhere else to run, when all we could do was sit and wait and listen, we heard it again.

We want Humanity.

And we realized that we had misunderstood. They just wanted to be like us. And now, in the last moments, we realize what Humanity really is, and how like us they are.