Help me out here, my gears are working
but I can't seem to move on this news.
A kiss on the cheek is nothing, right?
It's an event like making lunch
or drinking a carton of Sunny Delight.
Then why do I feel so dirty and used?
He's got a girlfriend, yeah, but it's nothing.
Why can't I move on, why can't I let go?
Sure, I flirted with about everyone
but someone's called dibs on me.
I'm gonna choke
if I don't get out of this tackle.
All I'm thinking right now is that boys just suck;
they send mixed messages like crazy
but as far as I can tell
we could be overanalyzing this whole fucking mess
and in that case, it was either nothing
or the honest truth of a maybe, a yes, a
save me, a hurry up, a move on, a stop.