I've hit a low point in my life
It's an emotional valley here
They say I've changed
they want "me" back
Well that's not me
and it never will be again.
They're dragging me down
Why are the ones that "love" me most
just trying to steal away
the one thing I own, the one thing I know?
Phone service is dead here
I can scream all I want,
I can cry all day
but they'll never listen
they'll never realize what they're doing to me
They stomp the personality out
pump boredom in
blow me up with crap
and I don't even care
(isolate me)
Everything I've built for myself, they wreck
selfishly, but they think it's for my benefit
They don't know me anymore
(tug me away)
I put up an undetectable defensive wall
so I can isolate myself.
I'm apathetic.
They don't notice.
They try to tug me away
I need a hero to tug me in the other direction