A moment.

Adrenaline's flowing.

Twitchy, head spinning.

Blood in the eyes, the roar of the crowd.

You know everything should hurt,

but you don't have time to hurt.

got to ride the fury.

in the pit.

where the dance of pain and fury is.

a moment.

the smell of beer, weed, smoke, sweat.

the roar of the music,

the screams of the crowd.

you join in without noticing. you roar.

and you continue the dance.

cause you don't want to stop yet.

someone goes down, you pick him up.

you go down, they pick you up.

you hang on, try not to fall.

people you've just met are holding on.

strangers save your life.

you respond by continuing the dance.

noone wants to leave.

a moment.

you see her.

black clothes, red hair, green eyes.

small, angry.

fire in her eyes. your eyes meet.

fire. you meet.

you do the dance. she takes it, and gives it.

tearing at each other, both roaring.

you can't hear a thing.

a moment.

elbows, punches, body blows.

it doesn't matter.

the two of you continue. the fire builds.

you can't hear. you don't care.

you and her dance some more, the fire builds.

a moment.

the song ends.

you end up against her. she grabs you closer.

fire is burning now.

lips meet, and bite. her nails tear into your arms.

blood flows, but you don't care.

you're in the fire now.

a moment ends.

the crowd splits you up.

carries you away from each other.

your hands reach out, touch for a moment.

a moment.

it was enough.

a moment.

all you had. not a name. just a face, and a moment.

yet you know you will not forget.

you can't.

the fire.

the fire.

a moment.