End Of Ends

As it gets closer,

I wonder how it will end.

I si and think,

Even for days on end.

I lie in bed staring at the roof,

Wondering how many people will miss me.

Living my life is simpler and harder,

Than anything anyone's had to be.

Every street,

It looks around in shadows. I try to ignore it, but it is everywhere.

Time is always short,

Even for a lifetime.

It is impossible to escape,

For around the corner could be your end.

I've thought of every thought,

And non have yet worked.

The silence begins to fill,

Where the end had once lurked.

It sneaks up behind everyone,

And looks them in the face.

Though all I love,

Are the ones marched off in a pace.

In every action and breath,

It cannot be avoided,

He cannot be avoided.

The one we call 'Death'