My life was happy with nothing wrong,

Then she died and everything went to hell.

I thought it couldn't get any worse,

Put then you came along and poured water into my anger well.

The sky was blue,

The wind was calm.

You decided to cause trouble,

And it ended with your face in my palm.

I thought of you every day,

While you were in the hospital.

Thinking of that metal pole,

The one that left your scars.

You lie there in white sheets,

Regretting the words you uttered to me.

The words that made my well overflow,

And made me unleash the demon within.

I hope you realise I have no remorse,

For my sadistic actions I have taken.

Just let this remain in your mind,

The fact that it was you who started it.

Started the hell I undertook,

All because you tried to take one hook.

You uttered a name very few knew of,

And you turned it into something disgusting.

And every night I think of you,

Lying there in your hospital bed.

Thinking of how easy it would be,

To just pull the plug,

And let you feel my fury.