when you're in love

when you're in love

when you're in love, you know you are - signs tell and angels whisper

you walk slow alongside slow songs

your heart stops and speeds up, together

you only see that one person, no matter where you both are...

crowds, alone, dreams

smile smile smile, all the time

butterflies, spreading joy

all you ever think about

smile, face, laugh, eyes, voice, smell

trusting them beyond belief, knowing them more so than anyone else, keeping their secrets and sharing yours

happy with life now

happy feelings, whispering its right

and you know it is, know its for real, know its for you

and you're happy for once, feeling comfortable with them, falling in their arms - being caught before hitting the floor

and all of a sudden you don't care anymore because the feeling is enough to ensure you're happy for life, knowing that they are there for you, no matter who you are, where you go and whatever you may do.

Never letting go

when you're in love

- love -

when you're in love

all words fail you, as also movement does, standing still, watching poor, empty excuses ensnare you, circling, swooping, swallowing you whole, cruel and hurtful excuses rolling off tongues

and you know, know its over and know its done, know they've left you feeling less than whole

smothering you

choking all of you slowly and painfully

killing you

killing your heart

all you can think about

pain, death, betrayal, hurt, cry, them

the daggers sounding in their voice as they slowly say they're sorry, avoiding your eyes, speeding up, shutting down

killing butterflies

pain - surrounding and encircling you

your world stops and crashes

your heart breaks

and as your tears fall, like they never have before, your mind begins to swim as your soul slowly drowns

and all of a sudden you don't care anymore because all good in your life has gone, all hope faded and left, nothing there anymore but a broken and empty you, left to wallow in the misery of them.

It's hard to let go

when you're in love

- love -