"give me mercy" she cried in pain and some star fell forever
but no one was listening 'cause it's not like she was real
and reality came crashing down on the world as her mind forgot she was there
and she vanished into a lake made of tears
as if she thought she could drown in all of her fears

"give me mercy" she screamed into the night and some star stopped burning
and she was reminded of the fact that if no one's around a tree falls without making a sound
and reality came to a screeching halt when the world remembered she existed after all
but she had disappeared forever into that lake of tears
doomed for eternity to be surrounded by all of her fears

"give me mercy" was muffled by the deep black waters and some star collapsed
just like she had when her soul decided to stop thinking and her heart imploded
and when she found reality she wondered if it was worth it
because she still was invisible to the people standing on the edge of that lake of tears
and she was still drowning in all of her fears

"give me mercy" was heard by the world and God dropped a star on the darkness
and the black exploded with a bang and a burst of shadow
and reality rebuilt itself around her existence just to prove it cared
but it was up to her to rescue herself from that lake of tears
and to reprimand all of her horrible fears

"give me mercy" the sound shattered the stars
the shout ended the silence
brought the end to reality
banished the lake of tears
"give me mercy" broke down at the sight of all the fears