Bored of my exhausting life

I got out my notebook

I scanned through all of my past works

Each one getting a look

I began my newest poem then

I wrote it all down right

Emotion, angst, suffering, pain,

Darkness and the light

A challenge I was quickly given

To write something less dark

I scoffed at the idea and

Reluctantly remarked.

"I don't do happy, okay?" I said.

"It's just not my forte."

The challenger she said, "come on."

"Just a short one, okay?"

I took a deep breath, and angrily began

To write the "happy" lines

I didn't like one minute of it

I hated it the whole time.

So here's the poem that I wrote

A positive one, I guess.

But here we go, I'm leaving now

My head needs a good rest.

The brightly shining sun did rise

Across the flowered plains

The sun broke through the clouded sky

And ended the stream of rain

The animals came out to play

In the sunlit sky

Their cute appearance showed excitement

For the coming day

The rabbits jumped, the birds did fly

Across the bright-lit land

Kindly helping each other out

To lend a helping hand

The happiness did spread to all

The creatures of the plains

At this point, I couldn't take it

My anger I could no longer restrain

I tore up the paper in my hands

And threw it on the floor

My blood boiling, my mind enraged

I just couldn't take anymore

I took out my own notebook

And wrote down my newest rhyme

A poem explaining a horrible one

One I shall never write another time

This new poem was one about

A challenge I was given

And how this poem that I loathed

Never truly got written.