Chapter 1

Andy sat there silently watching a girl at her locker. He was supposed to be studying for his final exam but she was just there. He'd seen her not long ago in a school production and she was awesome in it. Andy had a girlfriend but the girl at the locker wasn't her. There was something about this girl that he was staring at. He didn't know her but there was something that attracted him to her, he wanted to know her. Andy continued to watch, as she seemed to mess around in her locker for what seemed like forever. He'd seen her around school often but thinking about it he'd never seen her with friends. For a moment he wondered if she had any.

Andy was the most popular guy in school. Every girl fancied him. Currently he was dating Sydney. She was the most popular girl in school. Andy and her were having a few problems and he was seriously thinking about ending their relationship. He looked down at the math book currently in his hand and sighed. His final exam was math but it wasn't until next week. Even though Andy was popular he wanted an education so spent time studying. That's what Sydney hated when exams came was that her and Andy hardly spent time together.

Andy closed the book finally as he realised he was getting nowhere and needed a break. He looked up to watch the girl who was still fumbling around her locker. Andy was sitting on one of the benches near the lockers when James, Andy's best mate came over to join him finally.

"You're not studying?" He laughed.

"Nah, I've decided to take a break…" Andy told him.

"So what are you doing then?" James asked.

"Watching that girl over by the locker. Do you know her?" Andy asked.

"I just know everyone thinks she's weird."

"Why?" Asked Andy.

"She has no friends…Hardly talks and never really socialises with anyone. She's the most unpopular kid around here. Anyway why do you want to know about her?"

"I just do…She looks like she could need a friend." Andy replied.

James raised an eyebrow at Andy quizzically.

"Sydney won't like it."

"I don't care what Sydney thinks right now you know."

"Are you and her ok?" James asked.

"Not really. She's expecting me to be with her 24/7. She's mad at me because I'm spending more time revising than with her and too be honest I'm thinking of ending it with her. I can't stand the pressure she puts on me any more. It's worse than what the exam pressure is like. And lately she's been really bitchy."

"Wait, you're considering breaking up with her?" James asked.

"Yea right now I am." Andy sighed.

"Is it really that bad?"

"Yes. At the moment I don't even like her."

James sighed.

"Well it's your relationship. But let me warn you she won't be happy."

"Who would when their boyfriend breaks up with them?"

Andy was again looking at the girl at her locker.

"Do you know her name?"

"Emma Mitchell as far as I can remember. She lives in the next street to me."

Suddenly Andy saw Sydney approaching.

"Don't tell anyone what I told you James."

"You know I wouldn't." He said. "I'll leave you two to talk though."

James stood up and smiled at Sydney as she finally got to where Andy was.

"Hey James." She smiled.

"Hey Syd, I was just leaving but I'll catch you both later." He smiled. "See you later Andy."

James then walked away as Sydney sat down by Andy.

"You're not revising…" She smiled.

"Yea I was just taking a break and talking to James."

Andy picked up his math book again not really in the mood to talk to Sydney. She took his book from him.

"Well then you can take a break to talk to me to then."

"Look Sydney I'm behind. I need to catch up. My final exam is next week."

"You've got the nights to do it."

"No Sydney, now give me my book back." Andy sighed.

He knew a fight was about to start.

"So you can take five minutes for your best mate but not for your girlfriend?"

"I didn't know you would come…Or him for that matter."

"It's not fair that you're spending all your time studying."

"You know what Sydney? I'm not in the mood for fighting. Just leave me alone. I have a lot on my mind. These exams mean a lot to me."

"And I don't?"

Andy sighed.

"Yes you do…" He lied.

Sydney sighed.

"Fine I'll leave you to revise then." She said as she got up and left.

Andy sighed. He looked up for the girl that had been by her locker that he had been watching. She wasn't there now. He sighed but then noticed her sitting on a bench by herself. He decided to try to make friends with her. Slowly he got up and walked over to her.

"Excuse me…" He started.

The girl looked up at him.

"…Is it ok if I sit here?" He finished.


I looked up as I heard a voice.

"Excuse me…" He started. "Is it ok if I sit here?"

I looked at him. It was Andy Hunter. The most popular guy in the school and he wanted to sit next to me.

"Er…Yea…Sure…" I answered.

He slowly sat down next to me. I wondered if this was some sort of joke that was been played. I mean I was the most unpopular person in school and here was the most popular guy in school wanting to sit next to me. I stopped staring and then started to get back to writing out some equations and maths things for my maths exam. I was failing math badly and I hated it. I was now nervous as Andy seemed to be watching me. Secretly I fancied him but he had a girlfriend plus every girl in the school fancied him. I didn't stand a chance.

"You have the wrong sign there…It should be a plus not a minus. That's where you've gone wrong." He smiled slightly looking at me and pointing to the mistake.

"Oh thanks…" I managed to mumble as I changed my mistake.

"I'm Andy you are?" He smiled.


"What year you in?" He questioned.


He smiled.

"Are you studying for your final?"

I nodded.

"What some help?"

I smiled slightly and nodded again.

"Yea please."

Andy smiled as he took the text book and started going over some of the problems explaining how to do them as he watched me do a few of more.


Sydney stood there watching Andy. She felt the anger boil inside her as she watched him talk to the most unpopular girl in school. He had time for his best friend and the most unpopular girl in school but not her. She was suddenly over come with jealousy. Her boyfriend was hanging out with a girl, an unpopular girl at that. She gave the girl a hard evil look and then stormed off. Next time she saw that girl then she'd warn her to stay away from him. She'd make sure Andy stayed hers.