Chapter 1 – Silver Candles & Lavender Bubbles

Sliding into the steaming bath, Isaac let out a soft sigh. After a long day at school, the 16 year old always enjoyed the calming feeling that washed over him during the hot bath. Maybe it was the way the heat would relax and sooth his slim muscles, or the way his pale skin warmed up in the steaming water. Either way, Isaac melted into the bubbles around his aching body, trying to wash away the feeling of loneliness that crept up on his now that he had the large house to himself.

His mum had driven down the Sydney for the weekend on a business trip, leaving him and his younger sister to their own devises. Lily, his sister, had run off to her friend's house for the next few nights, so Isaac was left alone in the big house. Being a friendly but shy boy, he didn't have much in the self esteem department, so being alone left him feeling oddly depressed. Trying to shake this feeling, he had decided to have a bath. Silver candles and lavender scented bubbles seemed to work out his inner torment. Feeling revitalised, Isaac wrapped a blue towel around his slim waist. Drying his short brown hair thoroughly, Isaac stared into the fogged up mirror.

Bright sapphire eyes stared back at him. Tracing along the natural curves of his face, he passed along his faded red and along his right ear, with a single green stud pierced into it. Ripping himself away from his reflection, which he loved to stare at, Isaac paced down the hallway to his room.

Stepping into the bedroom, Isaac searched for some clothes. Throwing on a plain white t-shirt and faded black pyjama pants, he pulled out his ear stud and put in on his side table. Walking over to the window seat, he slid open the window and gazed out into the night sky.

The stars were particularly beautiful tonight. On the horizon, he could see a star, shooting across the darkening sky. Isaac was a hopeless romantic. Lying under the star lit night brought a smile to his face. Watching the way stars would sparkle and glisten made him think of giant crystals floating around in space. He wished he could snatch one from the sky and hold it in his heart. The moon bathed his room in an eerie white glow, making his pale skin look deadly white against the night sky. Sighing softly, he moved into bed and threw the covers over his head.

"Finally, peace and quiet..." he mumbled to no one, drifting off into sleep. Thinking of the day pasted.

Isaac's P.O.V

School was going as normal. Slow and boring. Weaving between students running in the halls, dodging midgets running around, his maths classroom came into view.

"Woot, Maths…a boring end to a boring day" he grumbled to himself, "Nothing could make this day worse."

SMACK! Okay, so I was wrong.

With a huge smirk on her face, Anastasia, my best friend came up next to me. That was how it was with us, I would be greeted with a smack in the head, and she would get a polite hello. How cruel the world could be.

"Good afternoon, my coco poof, and how are we?" Ana asked in her most fake high pitched voice. God sometimes I could….sigh

"Hello Ana…all is well, same as the last 15 times you've asked as an excuse to slap me across the head" SMACK. Okay, so I deserved that.

Moving into the classroom, I sat down in a chair next to Ana. Being friends with a loud mouth, bitchy, crazy megalomaniac had it perks. Life was never boring with her around. Though I would never say that to her…fear of physically abuse and all. Lying my head down, I dozed off into my favourite part of school. Sleep.

One hour later, I awoke to a jaw dropping sight. Right in front of me was the most beautiful male type thing (I didn't like the word human…to boring) I had ever seen.

Realising I was staring with an open mouth, thanks to Ana's giggles, I managed to compose myself. Checking him out from head to toe was my day's happiest moment, or my week's, I didn't know.

Dangling over his deep brown eyes, his blonde shoulder length hair was tucked behind his left ear. The stranger's pale, toned skin had this aura of an angel about him, making him seem life god's gift to the world. In his right ear, there was a small sleeper pieced into his earlobe. Watching him was like watching light dance on water. Beautiful.


"OW! What was that for?" I whispered to Ana. The teacher was already pissed off from the girls up the back throwing question after question at her. I didn't need afternoon detention.

"Sorry, but your eyes were becoming way too friendly with that guys body" she snickered to herself. God that girl could drive me insane. Okay, stop imagining your hands strangling best friend.

"Fine then, bell just went anyway. Race you to the bus stop!" Slapping her across the head, I ran from the room. Getting caught by her in the next few minutes would mean totally and utter annihilation.

But just as I reached the door out of the school…the face of that boy in class came back to me. His face kept running through my mind, the way he moved, the way he talked... That daydream cost me though.